Dealing with anxiety was a very personal matter for Charles Linden. He recalls an earlier period of his life:

“I was unable to exercise or travel, and was constantly terrified. I had persistent chest pains, breathlessness and muscle weakness and I would have as many as 6 to 8 panic attacks each day, day and night.”

He did extensive research on how to deal with anxiety attacks and developed his own program:

“This technique eliminates anxiety, panic attacks and phobias, and it is actually something that ALL recovered anxiety disorder sufferers have done subconsciously!” Charles Linden

One of many comments by medical professionals: “I believe the Linden Method is an outstanding natural approach to eliminating anxiety and panic attacks.” – George Best, PhD, holistic health care practitioner. [Read more below, in the Medical Endorsements section.]

video: Jemma Kidd on the Lorraine Kelly Show about her experience with anxiety:

Video from a page about The Linden Method.

An article notes Jemma Kidd had a successful career as a fashion model before “discovering a new calling as a make-up artist… she opened her own “Make-up School” in London, and a cosmetics line of the same name was launched…in the UK, America, Australia, Hong Kong, and Canada.”

Jemma comments about herself and her sister, supermodel Jodie Kidd:

“We suffered from crippling anxiety and panic attacks and probably half my friends do too. Jodie and I both used The Linden Method having found Charles Linden’s website on the internet.

“The program was the answer we had been looking for. Anyone suffering from high anxiety or panic really should use the Linden Method, it really helped us be panic free.

“I want to help other sufferers to recover and to send the message out that anxiety conditions are curable, despite what some may say.”

[Here is an excerpt from an interview Jemma had with a newspaper:]

Jemma Kidd (now Jemma Wellesley, Countess of Mornington), interviewed by Fiona Shield for Celebrity Angels:

“You’ve said before that you used to suffer from panic attacks?”

Jemma Kidd: “Panic attacks ruled my life for years. I’d really like to raise more awareness of them; I think something like one in five people have them. They just shatter your life.

Jemma Kidd“My twenties were really tough because of them – I was very, very fearful and scared of doing everything.

“I couldn’t go to the supermarket, I couldn’t go to crowds – I was very isolated and just stayed at home for a long time.

“It’s a fear of having them, you know when you have them it’s horrible, but then you live in fear of having one and that’s crippling.

“There’s this wonderful guy called Charles Linden who wrote the Linden Method; if you have panic attacks you should look at his website. It’s amazing – it really sorted me out.

“People are stressed – what’s happened now is that people feel guilty relaxing, but we’re not supposed to live in these stressful environments, especially women.

“That’s why I think so many women have trouble becoming pregnant and have hormone problems – we’re not supposed to live at this 95mph pace 24/7, you just exhaust yourself.

“I remember when I started the company, I thought ‘I can’t have holidays, I can’t stop’ and if I did stop I felt guilty. And I made myself sick from it because I just thought I couldn’t let people down.

“I know it’s cheesy, but you have to love yourself, appreciate what you have and you have to look after yourself and then the rest of it will all happen.”

[Photo from]

[From article on a site of The Linden Method.]

Another testimonial: Marie West: she says (on one of the Linden Method sites):

“Basically, I purchased the method, followed it, followed the nine ‘rules’ that are given in the book and I was able to cure myself of panic attacks. They went from being absolutely horrendous to gone within a matter of a few weeks.

“Even now, every once in a while, I’ll start to get negative thoughts and start to get anxious, but I’m able to stop that in its tracks before I actually have a panic attack.

“The method, the plan, the programme is priceless for anyone who is suffering from horrendous panic attacks like I was.”

Donna Meyers (Flagstaff, Arizona) sent this testimonial to a Linden Method site about using the program:

“I was a shy child and my brothers used to tease me about it all the time and I just became worse and worse, as I became a teenager. I remember being too scared to leave my room sometimes.

“When I left school to go to college I had improved a little but the anxiety I felt as a small child sort of stayed with me – and yet it was manageable through college.

“I was taking my finals when all hell broke loose. It started with a racing heart and palpitations, a little dizziness and just some strange thoughts, but soon it cascaded into panic attacks – I became more and more obsessive about the strangest things like whether my clothes where creased, tidiness.

“Anxiety seemed to be taking over my life.

“I went to the doctors and started taking Valium and anti-depressants but the symptoms increased and I couldn’t continue with my studies.

“I dropped out of college and went back home where I really became reclusive… my parents didn’t know what to do to help me and I didn’t want to be seen let alone get a job or even socialize.

“The panic attacks were just dominating my entire life, I could hardly stand, I would tremble and I ended up losing a lot of weight.

“Seven years later, my mom was looking on the Internet for information about treatments and she discovered Charles’ program. She bought it thinking that she would be returning it soon after, but she made me sit down and read about it.

“I couldn’t leave it alone. It just made so much sense to me, everything clicked into place. It was almost like someone had given me the final piece of a puzzle and the whole thing became clear. It’s so easy to do – Charles has this way of making you feel at ease and sort of ‘pulling the fear out of you’ with his words.

“I started implementing Charles’ instructions immediately and my panic attacks just stopped.”

Creative intellect — An article reports:

“The Linden Center’s research shows that anxiety conditions are not caused by chemical imbalance or distorted thoughts, as medics and psychologists would usually have you believe.

“The actual cause is what they call, ‘creative intellect’.

“Creative intellect is a term developed by Charles Linden to explain a gift that some people acquire through their genetic heritage.

“This ‘creative intellect’ provides people with the mental facility to generate complex visual and notional scenarios in the creative area of the brain which can happen both consciously and subconsciously.

“Every anxiety sufferer has this mental resource which can be utilized consciously to produce superior, creative ability or subconsciously by the autonomic nervous system to identify potential risk and to respond to the risk with appropriate action during, what is commonly referred to as the flight or fight response” says Linden Center director Charles Linden.”

Photo above: Viggo Mortensen in Good (2008) – he plays John Halder, a professor recruited by the Nazi party in World War II because of a novel he wrote involving euthanasia.

[Mortensen is an actor, painter, photographer, founder of a publishing company and musician. See quotes in article Multitalented and Creative.]

Smoking and anxiety

As his character in this movie (and in ‘Freud’ and others) – and reportedly in real life – he is a smoker.

“Studies have shown time and time again that the idea that smoking reduces anxiety is a myth. Many people smoke in order to cope with life, but studies have shown that smoking actually increases anxiety – it simply does so after the cigarette’s effects have worn off. There are two reasons for this…”

Continued in article How Quitting Smoking Can Help You Beat Anxiety by Calm Clinic.

Charles Linden describes how he developed The Linden Method:

“In 1996, I was 260 lbs, which is 56 lbs more than I am now!

“I was unhappy, scared and felt isolated. I had to wear sunglasses because my eyes became so sensitive to light.

“I was unable to exercise or travel, and was constantly terrified. I had persistent chest pains, breathlessness and muscle weakness and I would have as many as 6 to 8 panic attacks each day, day and night.

“So, What Changed?

“I researched every known piece of information, treatments and resources for anxiety disorder, panic disorder, panic attacks and phobias, interviewed hundreds of sufferers and then systematically identified which therapies and treatments actually worked.

“AND THEN… during this process I discovered a technique, so simple and yet so powerful, that completely eliminates anxiety, panic attacks and phobias, and it is actually something that ALL recovered anxiety disorder sufferers have done subconsciously!”

He explains in his article The Amazing Discovery that Saved My Life From Anxiety :

“I realized that the cause of my anxiety, panic attacks, phobias and obsessive thoughts wasn’t what I had believed it to be.

“Then, I found research by Skinner and Watson, both eminent behavioral psychologists who had dedicated their lives to discovering the science of behavior and its relationship with memory.

“Comparing Skinner and Watson’s conclusions with those I had created from the interviews with hundreds of recovered anxiety sufferers that I had undertaken, it suddenly all became very clear indeed.”

From a Telegraph [UK] article:

Charles Linden with Lady Jemma Mornington“British supermodel Jodie Kidd and her sister Jemma, the Countess of Mornington, have both undergone successful treatment for anxiety and panic attacks which they described as ‘crippling’.

“The attacks felt like that split-second before a car crash, when the adrenalin whooshes through your body and you think you are going to die,” says Jemma.

“From the outside, I might have looked sorted, but on the inside, I was thinking ‘if only you knew… ’ ”

“Both checked into the Linden retreat, in Worcestershire…”

From Anxiety: a very modern malaise By Laura Donnelly.

Plum Sykes is a graduate of Oxford, a fashion journalist, novelist, and contributing editor at American Vogue.

Plum Sykes“In the April 2012 issue of Vogue, Sykes writes of her three-year struggle with anxiety disorder and agoraphobia after the birth of her children, a condition which rendered her unable to work or to maintain her social life or passion for horse riding.

“Sykes admitted ‘I had visited doctors and consultants and had tests, procedures and scans, but no one could tell me what was wrong… I felt terrified, mentally and physically I was jelly. I was afraid to do anything. ‘Take some Xanax’, said one doctor, ‘it’s anxiety.’”

“Sykes attended an anxiety recovery programme developed by anxiety expert Charles Linden, which she cites as the solution that returned her to working for American Vogue and a full and active social life.

“In the article, Sykes says ‘I started The Linden Method… and felt better almost immediately… I took the girls to the park and pushed them on the swings, something I hadn’t been able to do for two years… now more than a year later, the anxiety has not returned.” [Wikipedia]

Sykes also writes in the Vogue article:

“I had been very ill during and after a recent pregnancy, and had terrible anxiety and nervousness as a result of the illness, even though I was slowly getting better.

“I met Charles and went on the retreat, and started following his method immediately. It really worked and now I am doing all the things again that I used to, but that I had sadly stopped doing.

“I started riding again, working, going out and about, driving, taking the train etc. – the things that make life fun, which I had felt unable to do.

“I highly recommend the Anxiety Recovery Retreat or the Linden Method Home Learning Program.”

Kate Ford, actress in Coronation St, In OK Magazine:

Kate Ford“I have been suffering with nerves for years. It’s a fear of embarassing myself if I’m in the company of strangers.

“But once you’ve broken the cycle of panic you are okay.

“The Linden Method really works for me.”

“Panic attacks and anxiety disorder ruled my life.
I felt like I was going to die. Your program empowered me
to do something about it and educated me as to how to do it.”

The Linden Method is fast becoming the most successful, sensitive and drug free treatment for anxiety disorders and panic attacks ever, and rightly so! … No other solution comes as close to ‘hitting the nail on the head’ as this one. “

Jane Howard (SRN. Cert. Health Ed, UK), PTSD Counselor, Nurse Practitioner & Healthcare Trainer.

Halle Berry said she recalls being terrified that her violent father, who physically abused her mother, would turn on her.

“I think I’ve spent my adult life dealing with the sense of low self-esteem that sort of implanted in me. Somehow I felt not worthy.”

From article: Traumatic Childhood, Creative Adult.

Another consequence of trauma can be various levels of PTSD – Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, which can include both depression and anxiety.

An article on the British site for The Linden Method says:

“PTSD and other anxiety disorders are pointless conditions; they are behavioural conditions which can be quickly and permanently eradicated given the correct treatment.

“PTSD is caused by an elevated level of anxiety following a trauma… it’s simply the emotion of fear being perpetuated at a high level; but it can be switched OFF.”

Medical Endorsements

Dr Romulo Valdez – Psychologist
Romulo's Portrait“I have been trained by the very best in the field psychology and psychiatry and I endorse the Linden Method with highest regards.”

“As a psychologist that has been treating anxiety and depression for over 25 years, I can espouse the effectiveness of the Linden Method. It has its basis in the foundation of cognitive behavioral and cognitive restructuring theory which is the treatment of choice of all anxiety and depressive disorders.

“For those of you that have suffered from either anxiety or depression, you know that the medication only serves to numb one’s experience of the real world.

“You also know that “talk therapy” cannot give you the tranquility that you desperately need. You most likely have spent thousands of dollars of health insurance money and money of your own to find peace of mind.

“The Linden Method gives you all the tools you need to work on your issues on an hour-by-hour basis. The beauty of this method is that you are the master of your own destiny.

“You monitor your own progress and rely on other’s feedback to insure progress. Unlike other self-help programs, the Linden Method give you one year of ongoing support from a professional like me to help you in places where you might get stuck.

“Mr. Linden is so confident in it’s efficacy that he is willing to give you a one year guarantee or he will refund your money. Read the testimonials and give the Linden Method a trial and you will see for yourself.”

Romulo Valdez, Jr., Ph.D. is “one of America’s leading Psychologists who is very highly qualified and has extensive experience working with children, adolescents and adults suffering from anxiety and depression particularly Post-traumatic Stress Disorder.  Dr. Valdez did his clinical training under professors in the field at the Department of Psychiatry at both Dartmouth Medical School and Harvard Medical School.”

Dr Claire Bolton – General Practitioner

Claire's Portrait“Charles has worked extremely hard and has succeeded to pull himself back from what seemed like a hopeless situation and now he shows others how to do the same.”

Dr. Claire Bolton, MBChB, Charles’ family physician, talks about his amazing recovery:

“I first met Charles with his mother in 1994. Charles was an extremely anxious guy whose mother did most of his talking for him.

“At the time he was taking, and dependent on, various prescription medications including DIAZEPAM and STELAZINE. He was aware of his dependence, but unable to do anything about it because of his acute anxiety, which made him agoraphobic and experience multiple full blown panic attacks every day.

“Over several months and numerous consultations (as a trainee, I had more time available than the partners!) we managed to reduce Charles’ medication. Charles’ main objective at this point was to be medication-free even if the anxiety remained.

“The Charles I knew in the early years could not leave the house, he could not have held down a regular job because he couldn’t guarantee that he would be able to attend. I was called to his Mother’s house on one occasion whilst he was having a panic attack, I have never felt so sad, a grown, intelligent man absolutely helpless, so dependent, looking so unwell.

“It’s now 10 years later, and the man I see before me is a different person completely and it’s only when looking back at how he used to be that I realize how far he has come.

“Charles is now a family man, a wonderful husband and fabulous father. You couldn’t wish to meet a more rounded guy. What I find incredible, is how much more positive he is now from the shadow of a man that I first met. Back then, he wasn’t able to help himself but now, he helps thousands of people from around the world become anxiety free again.”

How to cure anxiety

George Best, PhD says “I believe the Linden Method is an outstanding natural approach to eliminating anxiety and panic attacks”

“I’m a holistic health care practitioner and doctor of chiropractic in San Antonio, Texas. I’ve been in private practice since 1992, and over the course of my practice, I have come to recognize the importance of emotions in a person’s overall health.

“The Linden Method is by far the most complete of the self-help programs I have come across that is specifically intended for eliminating panic attacks, anxiety attacks, panic disorder, and phobias.

“In addition to providing an overall understanding of panic attacks, anxiety, phobias, and similar conditions, the Linden Method provides a step-by-step plan for eliminating panic attacks and anxiety and getting off of whatever anti-anxiety medications someone might be taking.”

Books by Charles Linden:

Anxiety-Free me. – “Charles Linden has the most extraordinary and fascinating insight into anxiety. This book is a must-read for anxiety sufferers and will help them enormously.” Plum Sykes

Stress Free in 30 Days (Paperback plus CD)

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