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This Guy Refused To Stop Smoking At The Pump, So An Employee Did Something Hilarious

Doesn’t it make you mad when people disregard certain rules and put your (and other people’s) safety in jeopardy? This gas station employee would definitely say yes.

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It ought to be presence of mind that smoking beside gas stations is unsafe, however one person in Sofia, Bulgaria, didn’t appear to know or care when he made a trip to fill an auto’s tank. He set a lit cigarette in his mouth when he escaped the vehicle, and when the specialist requesting that he put it out, he won’t.

That is the reason the representative chose to put out the cigarette for him.

Here’s a thought, mate – in the event that you don’t need a face brimming with froth next time you go to the gas station, possibly don’t bring something that could touch off the very combustible fluid. Only an idea.