The tobacco ban has challenged many smokers since the beginning of lockdown.

Karen Griessel, a social worker at South African National Council on Alcoholism (Sanca) rehab centre in Wedge Gardens on Modderfontein Road recently spoke why smokers should consider quitting during this time.

“Smokers will have intense cravings, be irritated, may feel depressed and anxious and may even have slight flu symptoms, such as a headache, cough, sore throat and even nausea,” said Karen.

Due to the ban, people have been forced to buy on the black market.

These cigarettes are of poor quality and can be over four times more expensive, according to Karen.

“We all know smoking cigarettes is bad for your health and that there are many harmful additives in smokes. Imagine how much worse these cheap cigarettes are, considering that there are no regulations governing their manufacture.”

Karen said now is the perfect time to try and quit and there is a long list of benefits.

Karen pointed out some of the reasons to quit as the following:

Karen’s tips for quitting are:

1. Stop pattern triggers for three weeks and, as we say in recovery, avoid people, places or things associated with smoking.

2. Exercise until you sweat because this will help your body get rid of the nicotine.

3. Do not toy with the idea that you can have just one more.

4. Rather go cold turkey than cut down.

5. Keep your hands busy by doing practical tasks.

6. Do not be fearful of getting fat; practise healthy cooking and know that even if you do gain some weight initially, it will stabilise.

7. Talk about your challenges because quitting is a mental struggle.

8. Practise mindfulness techniques, like deep breathing.

9. Know that cravings will lessen, so tell yourself: ?This too shall pass?.

10. Find 10 reasons why you want to quit and repeat them morning and night.

11. Do not be around smokers.

12. Brush your teeth after eating instead of having a smoke.

13. Do not drink coffee or alcohol if you associate these with smoking.

14. Chew gum when driving if you used to drive and smoke.

15. Drink lots of water.

16. Get support. Go to for more information on Wedge Gardens or visit and you can call 010 534 6596 for assistance.

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