The modern time we live in is fast and stressful and leads to numerous health issues including insomnia. In order to solve this issue, people take pills and other things that rarely, almost never have positive results. However, there is a cure, and everyone should know about it.

Not many have heard of quenepa, a fruit with amazing properties that is incredibly healthy. Some people may know it under the name Spanish lime. Regardless, what’s important for you to know is that this fruit is able to give your brain a boost and stop insomnia.

The quenepa fruit

This not so popular fruit is pretty exotic and it originates from South America. Also, it is found in the dry forests in Central America and the Caribbean. It has sweet and sour taste and is usually consumed with a pinch of salt, lime, or chilly. According to experts, it represents a mix of lychee and lime with a firm and delicate flesh and a really hard shell.

People in America know it as Spanish lime, a name that comes thanks to its appearance that resembles lime and its color that is yellowish. It is usually found in clusters. Thanks to its softness it resembles leather, thanks to the appearance of its flesh it resembles jelly, and its colorful aril makes it pretty interesting as well. Its pulp is full of seed.

Nutrition info

– Amino acids

– Proteins

– Vitamin C

– Vitamins B1, B3, B6 and B12

– Minerals

– Calcium

– Iron

– Unsaturated fatty acids (linoleic and oleic)

– Fiber

– Riboflavin

– Thiamine

– Carotene

– Niacin

– Tryptophan

This fruit is rich in fibers, meaning that it is very helpful when it comes to fighting constipation and high cholesterol. The presence of vitamin A is beneficial for boosting the immune system and prevention of urinary tract infections and stones. The presence of minerals like calcium make it beneficial for the teeth and bones, and the high presence of antioxidants make it efficient when it comes to fighting cancers and free radicals. The quenepa fruit is rich in phosphorus which make it good for digestion and balanced hormones, as well as for regulation of the blood pressure and asthma. According to experts, the phenolic items in the quenepa fruit can boost the immunity and prevent heart issues.

Health benefits of quenepa fruit

– It boosts the immune system and fights bacteria

– It gets rid of parasites

– It treats kidney issues

– It fights lung and urinary problems

– It improves the health of the reproductive system

– It fights constipation

– It helps produce red blood cells, and consequently, it fights and prevents anemia

– It cures gum issues

– It lowers the level of cholesterol and triglycerides

– It cures skin issues

– It fights flu and bronchitis

– Roasted quenepa seeds mixed with honey help in treating diarrhea

The quenepa fruit is beneficial for the health in general, so you should add it to your everyday diet.

Eliminate insomnia, as well as numerous other health issues by using this exotic fruit.

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