Robb, you literally changed my life a few years ago.

I had been suffering for years from depression and bipolar disorder until I decided to do something about it and take care of my own health.

My journey to reading your book The Paleo Solution started with omega-3 milk I had purchased at a grocery store. After drinking it for a few days, my head felt lighter, clearer than it had for a long while. I felt more energy, more motivation than I ever had in my short lifetime of 21 years at the time.

Feeling such immediate results without even expecting it, I discovered how important it is to lead a healthy lifestyle by getting rid of the junk (food).

I started researching omega-3s more, asked professors about the importance of fats in the diet, and finally searched for a good Paleo diet book to read more into the “perfect human diet.” And that is what led me to The Paleo Solution.

After reading your book, I immediately changed my diet cold turkey.

The 100+ grams of refined sugars I used to consume in a day (yikes!) went to 0 g, and in about a week’s time of doing this I already felt better than I ever have in my entire life. I pursued this for months later, and saw the physical changes to my body: a leaner, more muscular frame (people even started asking me if I “had been going to the gym more lately” when I hadn’t changed my exercise routine at all!); and my friends noted that my skin and hair were “glowing” from the newfound health I had achieved.

Most importantly though, your book led me to overcome the depression and bipolar disorder symptoms I had been suffering from for YEARS. In just a month, my head was clearer and more stable than what it had been for years.

I will always admire your work and dedication to finding the most effective human diet for people like me. Your book has been one of the most impactful books I’ve ever read to this day, even 5 years after reading it.

Thank you so much for your achievement. Thank you so much for sharing your similar story and showing me that there is a way to overcome the “impossible”–mental disorders–without the need for unnatural medication. You rock! I’ll always be a fan of yours from afar.

Chloe Martianou

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