Moving from in-person classes to online schooling has been a difficult adjustment for Aryanna Norris, early childhood education major at Mount Mary University. 

“For me personally, I not only have a visual impairment that makes staring at a computer screen for 8 hours a day difficult, but I also suffer from severe depression which makes even getting out of bed unbearable,” Norris said. 

She’s also the president of the Disability Rights, Education, Activism and Mentoring Club, a Student Orientation and Registration Leader and a representative of the Student Art Therapy Association. But, recently, there are some days when Norris cannot get out of bed. 

“I have to admit most days, I don’t get out of bed for anything,” Norris said. “I don’t get up to eat, to speak, to do class assignments or anything else.”

Although she admits that some days are difficult, she still wants to share that during the pandemic, she has been able to find many small moments of happiness. 

“I’ve been eating healthy, going on walks with my puppy, and teaching him new tricks,” Norris said. 

Time in quarantine has given Aryanna Norris a chance to teach her puppy, Silar, tricks.

Time in self-quarantine has also given her the chance to reflect on memories that she otherwise would not have reflected on. 

“This time in quarantine has also given me plenty of time to reflect on my past, and recently I made amends with an old friend I had a falling out with,” Norris said. 

Norris also shares that she has been able to spend quality time baking with her younger sister, Jadyn. Since her sister is in high school and cheerleading, it is normally difficult to line up schedules to spend quality “sister time.” 

“On April 2, my sister Jadyn and I made a two layer vanilla and chocolate cake with a whole lot of buttercream frosting and sprinkles,” Aryanna Norris said.

“So in these times of unpredictability, I’m beyond blessed to be able to spend these days with my sister and family,” Norris said. 

Aryanna Norris and 15-year-old sister, Jadyn, have been able to spend more quality time together.

As Norris has worked to navigate life during the pandemic, she wants to share some advice for others. 

“If I had one piece of advice to give another person going through isolation, I would tell them to look for these moments of happiness and build on them, and if you can’t find any, then make your own,” Norris said. 

Are you a student or staff member from Mount Mary that has found moments of happiness through this time of uncertainty? If so, Arches would love to share your story. Email with your moment of happiness.

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