A video is going viral this week showing a mother prank her children and send them into panic mode when she pretends to chop off her finger while making dinner.

Felicity Kane captured the video as she pulled a series of pranks that she called “taking revenge on my kids.” The video opens with Felicity making a severed “finger” out of a carrot and then smearing the chopping board with fake blood.

Felicity meticulously sets the scene in the video, which has been viewed on TikTok over 41 million times, and shows the camera duct tape and fake blood. Once she has done this, the mother shapes the carrot to resemble the top half of one of her fingers.

Felicity uses duct tape to hide the top part of her middle finger and covers her fingers and the carrot in the fake blood before using a large knife to pretend to chop.

Once the scene was set, Felicity let out a bloodcurdling scream, causing her two sons to come running into the room. She then screams at them to get something to cover the seemingly bloodied finger, and one of the boys looks terrified as he grabs a sieve.

“Not that, not that,” she yells in response. “Get a towel. What are you doing?”

The boys continue to look panicked as her older son throws a beach towel over his mother’s apparently severed finger. Felicity tells them to grab her phone so they can call an ambulance. When they ask her where her phone is, they realize they are being filmed and they all burst into laughter.

Social media users can’t get enough of the hilarious prank.

“I just found this gold. Poor kids,” one social media user commented, with another adding, “this has made my whole life…”

Check out the video for yourself below.

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