While growing up, my mum made it a point to preach one thing.

“Don’t give in to the three vices, son,” she used to say seriously. “Booze, smoking and women. They’re a big no-no.”

“Why, Mum? Does that mean I have to siam you also? You’re technically a woman right?”

After smacking me on the head, she looked right into my eyes.

“Giving in to the vices is easy. Quitting them is not.” She cupped my face in her hands. “I don’t want you to go through that. So promise me alright?”

I looked at her, and my mouth opened.

“Neh neh ni poo poo, no way!” I yelled childishly, before gambolling the other way.

Alright I’m just kidding

Being the mama’s boy I was, I naturally listened to her. And as a result, I’ve grown to become a fine, young man. I think.

But I never let go of the lesson she taught me, and throughout the years I’ve seen and heard many stories that relate to it. Obsession with gambling. A hard-fought battle to stop smoking. I’ve seen quite a lot. And perhaps that’s why I’ve so much respect for this married husband in Taiwan.

It’s one thing to say you’ll quit, but it’s quite another to act on it.

The best family man ever

On the day that his first child was born, a married husband in Taiwan made it a point to abstain from cigarettes, because he wished to cultivate a healthy and conducive environment for the baby.

“I would save up all the money that I would otherwise use for buying cigarettes. Every time when the addiction kicks in, I would put away NT$50 (about SGD$2.20). Now, I habitually stash away NT$50 whenever I get them,” the father said.

And it seems that this father’s unspoken promise towards his child was so strong, he genuinely means to see it through.

Just look at the number of coins he accumulated!

Image: chinapress.com
Image: China Press

Amazing doesn’t even begin to describe it. In fact, if Netizens’ estimates were to be believed, the accumulated coins could potentially amount to NT$60,000 (approx. SGD$2,636)!

Holy smokes.

And it’s not just the money either

Following the embarkation of this smoke-free run, the man has chronicled positive changes in his health. And as you might’ve surmised from the headline, he intends to use all the money saved to bring his wife and kid for a holiday.

Talk about money well-spent.

Later on, he added that he’d still kick the habit even if it won’t save him any money because apparently health is priceless.

Image: fiercebearding.com

Now that’s one helluva guy.

And so… smokespo?

Lest you’re unaware, there’re fitspos, fitness inspiration models for everyday people looking to shed off some excess weight.

Image: Giphy

And then there’re smokespos like this guy, who becomes an idealisation for those who strive to stop smoking.

So people, if you’ve always wanted to quit smoking or are in the process of doing so…

All the best, and don’t give up.

Because in the end, the people who benefit from your sacrifice are you and your loved ones.

Image: Tenor

Just PM us when you’ve kicked your smoking addiction, because we’ll promise one thing in return:

A virtual toast of respect.

Image: Cheezburger

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