Written by Ben Cox – With methamphetamine listed as the lead cause of drug deaths in Texas in 2016 with 715 deaths, many are wondering what can be done to stem the tide of drugs coming across our borders. An increase in potency and a decrease in price are making drug addiction a hard battle to fight.

One man in town has started a ministry with the mindset that drug and alcohol addiction can be overcome, but must be treated at the cause of the addiction, rather than treating the effects of addiction alone. 

Zach Speegle is the founder of Bold As a Lion Ministries, which operates The Barracks in Coleman. The Barracks is a discipleship house dedicated to helping men recover from drug and alcohol addiction.

While not a homeless shelter, the Barracks is a faith-based recovery and discipleship program that “looks for people who don’t want to lose anymore.” The free nine month program is unique in its treatment of those seeking a fresh start, because there are several daily required bible studies the residents must participate in as well selling home-made items like food and crafts to fund their treatment.

The residents are not allowed cellphones, tobacco products or even energy drinks. The maintenance of the house and upkeep are the responsibility of the residents, as well. New residents must sign a lengthy contract agreeing to the rules of the house before they begin the rigorous program.

Robert, a former resident says, “The Barracks for me was a place not only to recover from my addictions but to receive healing from years of brokenness… My life is forever changed.”

The entire group attends church together, traveling from Coleman to Victory Life Church in Brownwood.

Speegle equates the human mind as a pot of old coffee under a running tap. When the water turns on, and the pot begins to overflow, because you seed a lot of darkness begin to come out before it becomes clear and refreshed.

“Most people when they come to the program they start dealing with all kinds of emotional stuff, and they think ‘It’s not working’, but it’s actually working great!” he said.

Those interested in learning more about this local ministry, including treatment, volunteering, or donations can visit their website.

Bold As a Lion is holding a fund raising event this weekend, called “Hearts Ignite” starting at 11:30 a.m. on Saturday at Coggin Park. There will be brisket plates for sale, $10 for adults and $5 for kids plates, with music, testimonies and a message following at 1 p.m.

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