Bucks author’s daughter defeats depression in new book

Bucks author going under the ‘noms de plume’ of Richard Oliver has co-written a book with his daughter detailing the struggle of her depression titled ‘I Defeated Depression’.

The book is a true story of daughter Sammie, who was bullied at school for her sexuality and as a result found that she was unable to hold down office jobs.

She eventually set up home in Tring and bought a chocolate Labrador, Hugo, who became her lifeline.

But her depression became so all-encompassing that she was sent to a clinic for three months and even after her release her condition led to the end of relationships and jobs.

She began a dog walking business but after becoming friends with an American woman she moved there, but after discovering the true nature of her new partner was once again living on her own.

Despite all her setbacks with various family members passing away se began to have a successful career with animals that allowed her to buy a house and she began to write a memoir realising that the condition no longer had a hold over her.

Hearing she’d began writing this her father Richard offered to write a parent’s perspective to the journey they’d both been on.

‘I Defeated Depression’ is sometimes a tough read at time but overall a story of someone overcoming such a debilitating condition, and Richard offers hope and advice to any parents or friends who may be faced with a similar situation.

The book ends with a frank Q & A session in which both daughter and father explain how they have found ways to cope with the traumas in her life, and how their experience might be of value to others.

Of the book Richard said: “We felt that if Sammie could explain how she conquered this insidious disease and I could suggest ways of helping parents cope with a family member in crisis, and if that benefited just one individual or family, this whole project would have been worthwhile.”

‘I Defeated Depression’ is now available on Amazon, Kindle and the paperback can be ordered in various bookshops.

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