Brittany Negler, of Philadelphia, in the US, went down a “dark path” after the death of her 18-year-old brother – turning to drugs to help numb the pain.

As a result of her addiction, the 29-year-old suffered damage to her teeth, including losing a few gnashers and sustaining rotting in others.

She went to see a dentist for help, but claims she was told her they were “unfixable”, and instead removed them all.

As a result, she was unable to eat and lost a considerable amount of weight.

Brittany Negler, 29, of the US, turned to drug’s following her brother’s death when she was a teenager. Picture: TikTok/brittanyneglerSource:Supplied

She revealed how her new smile has given her a new lease on life. Picture: TikTok/brittanyneglerSource:Supplied

At just 35kg, Ms Negler was about to get a feeding tube when she reached out to cosmetic dentist and “tooth fairy” Dr Kenny Wilstead who gave her a $38,000 dental transformation.

She shared her transformation on TikTok with the clip attracting more than 31.6 million views.

“They literally pulled all your teeth and did dentures because of some minor (issues),” a shocked Dr Wilstead could be heard saying in the clip.

She also believes the practise “made up her records” before picking them up to take to Dr Wilstead.

Unable to eat much, she dropped down to just 35kg after a dentist pulled her missing and rotten teeth out saying they were ‘unfixable’. Picture: TikTok/brittanyneglerSource:Supplied

“On there [her dental records] it says fixable by a root canal, but they never said anything about a root canal. They said my teeth weren’t fixable that they had to be pulled,” she said.

Ms Negler was given dentures, but they were so big she could not eat or close her mouth.

“When I chew, there is so much pain up here,” she said, adding that sores “keep randomly popping up” on her gums.

She then broke down in tears as she explained to the dentist how people would troll her online, mocking her appearance.

Brittany prior to her dental transformation. Picture: TikTok/brittanyneglerSource:Supplied

Brittany after her $38,000 new set of dentures. Picture: TikTok/brittanyneglerSource:Supplied

“I don’t leave the house anymore. I won’t leave the house because it’s embarrassing. My face is sinking in.”

But Dr Wilstead changed all that, fitting Ms Negler with a pair of removable dentures.

The video then shows her smiling in the mirror before rushing over to hug the doctor.

In a separate video, he and his wife take Ms Negler to a restaurant to check she can eat with them on.

And given by the thumbs up symbol she makes to the camera, it was a clear “yes”.

Ms Negler didn’t reveal how she paid for the new smile, but on TikTok noted that financing is an option to cover expenses.

She cried tears of happiness after her new teeth by cosmetic doctor Kenny Wilstead. Picture: TikTok/brittanyneglerSource:Supplied

In separate video, a very grateful Ms Negler told the dentist how her life had changed when her other brother had died from cancer at the age of 18.

“For the longest time I thought I killed my brother,” she said in the emotional video.

“He had Ewing sarcoma. One day I woke up, I had a feeling not to go to school.

“So I went and laid in bed with him, and 15 minutes after I laid in bed with him, I heard him gasp and he died right there.

“I didn’t know better, so I thought I killed him. Like, I thought I laid on his breathing tube or something.”

Ms Negler sobbed as she told the story from Dr Wilstead’s dentist practice in Garland, Texas.

She explained how her family split shortly after the traumatic experience.

A teenager herself at the time, Ms Negler then turned to drugs after thinking her brother’s death was her fault.

Prior to her dental transformation she explained she was bullied online. Picture: TikTok/brittanyneglerSource:Supplied

“I went to a dark place, I’m not going to lie. I started hanging out with the bad kids, started doing drugs to numb the feeling. I got really depressed,” she said.

“I was like, ‘I need to take care of myself.’”

It was when she attended rehab that she finally told her family about the guilt she was carrying – they then assured her that it was simply “his time to go” and he would have wanted her there when he passed away.

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