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A former drug addict shared her incredible transformation from crack and heroin obsession to free and sober. She celebrates 3 years of being clean.

Former Drug Addict

Madison McManus started to use illegal drugs when she was still 15-years-old. Since then, her life went downhill as she underwent multiple arrests and living on the streets.

She told Daily Mail, “I was in my first rehab at the age of 15, dragging my family through my addiction and hurting them and others left and right.”

Her family tried to help her by putting her into rehab programs. But, she would go back to her addiction once she’s out.

At 18-years-old, Madison got pregnant. She laid off from drugs for the sake of her baby. But, it did not stop her from using once she gave birth.

She lost custody of her daughter as the court saw her unfitting to raise her child. She admitted that she couldn’t stop using.

“I dropped out of school and I signed away temporary custody of my daughter. I just couldn’t stop using,” she said.

“The disease had me in its grips for six years, holding me captive. I held so much shame and regret for losing my daughter, my family, and myself.”

On her lowest point, Madison cried out to God for rescue. “I sat on some rocks, and I cried in my hands, ‘God, please get me out of here.’”

There is hope

The police were then able to catch her because of her warrants. But, her life-changing decision happened in jail. She committed to entering into rehabilitation and follow-up treatments.

Today, Madison is dedicated to her growth and development, confessing that it is an “everyday process” and a “maintenance job where she betters herself and grows spiritually.”

She is now reunited with her family and is currently fighting for the custody of her daughter.

“This life is short; it’s meant to live, not to exist stuck in a disease that has you feeling empty. Just keep fighting; this new way of life is beautiful. And always remember to be grateful, humble, and open and accepting to everything that comes your way.”


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