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Those people who dismiss concerns about EMFs may
wish to take a closer look at the evidence of harm that has been caused by EMF

Yes, it is true that some EMFs are emitted
naturally by the sun and even the earth – Geopathic stress, but we humans are
being exposed to previously unheard of levels of artificial EMFs in the past
year (2016). And the levels are only
going to grow with the increase of wireless technology.

As the name implies – Electromagnetic fields are
made up of electric and magnetic fields. Sitting perpendicular to each other they travel together in the form of
an invisible wave. Man-made EMFs are put
into 2 categories by the National Institute of Environmental Health
Sciences. The lower frequency is
classified as a non-ionizing radiation that bears a frequency lower than
visible light. These are given off by
computers, smart meters, microwave ovens, cell phones, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, MRIs
and power lines.

The Higher frequency EMF radiation waves bear
higher frequencies than visible light. They are ionizing radiation and include, Gamma rays, X-rays and UV

Most people dismiss the idea that high frequency
radiation can cause problems. Getting
sunburnt is one of the dangers of being exposed to UV lighting. There are good reasons why pregnant women are
not allowed near X rays.

The effects of low frequency EMF radiation
however, can be a bit subtler. The
symptoms caused by the prolonged use of smart meters, cell phones, Wi-Fi etc.
cannot be noticed easily at first.

But what is making the problem worse is the fact
that the corporations owning the telecommunications and electronics industries
are working hard to dismiss the concerns to allow them to keep making big money

A meta-analysis of cell phone studies, for
example, have shown that most of the studies that were not funded by these
industries indicated a higher risk of brain tumors amongst phone users. Whereas the majority of the cell phone
industries funded studies showed that people who used cell phones had a lower
risk of brain tumors! A conflict of interest?

Because our heart and nervous system run on
electricity exposure to EMF is dangerous. That is why a defibrillator can shock a heart back into life. The electromagnetic signals in our body
however are weak in comparison to those created artificially. Interference by EMF to our heart, brain and
mitochondria is therefore dangerous.

Low frequency EMF radiation has been assigned as
a possible carcinogen (class 2B) by the International Agency for Research on

Anxiety, depression,
insomnia, dizziness, adrenal fatigue, brain fog, memory loss, and hormonal
imbalances in addition to a higher risk of cancer are some of the symptoms
experienced by those who are exposed to long periods of high levels of low
frequency electromagnetic fields.

Neurological problems and
inflammatory symptoms have been noted by many when they had smart meters
installed in their homes.

It has been shown that EMFs
can directly change the behavior of tissues and cells alike in a study
published in the Electronic Physician, therefore harming your bone marrow,
blood, DNA, reproductive system, cardiovascular system and endocrine system.

So, what can we do to reduce
our exposure to man-made EMFs?

First of all, you should
switch off your electronic devices when you are not using them. Try to stick to hardwired connections instead
of Wi-Fi or Bluetooth if possible. This
includes peripherals such as your keyboard and mouse. Turn off your Wi-Fi router at night and try
not to sleep near electronic devices.

Always keep your devices
away from your body. Avoid the use of
headphones with your cell phone for long conversations and don’t put them in
your pockets or bra.
phone shields
can help reduce your

protection products
to harmonize the negative
affects the EMF’s have on your body.

You may wish to try
grounding as this helps your body neutralize the positive ions given off from
your electronic devices. It can be as
simple as walking barefoot on damp grass or a sandy beach. A nutritious diet that contains lots of
antioxidants can help.

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