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A Droylsden man has successfully stubbed out
a 60-year smoking habit, with the help of his local NHS service.

Derek Bailey, 76, had been smoking since
school – which has cost him an estimated £109,500.

Derek made the decision early last December
that he would give up cigarettes completely, and reached out to Be Well
Tameside, part of the Pennine Care NHS Foundation Trust, for support.

Derek said: “I’ve successfully given up
smoking for nine months before, and I tried to quit on other occasions, but I
didn’t manage to give up for good.

“Now, thanks to support from Be Well
Tameside, I feel like I have the strength of mind to make it stick.”

Health concerns and money were a big factor
in Derek’s decision to become smoke-free.

But the ill health and unfortunate death of
his partner Margaret, who was also a smoker, gave Derek the final push he
needed to quit permanently.

Derek said: “I was Margaret’s full-time carer
for six years before she died, so I ignored my own health because hers was
always more important.

“Now Margaret’s gone, I have more time to
myself. I can do something for myself, and what better thing to do than look
after my own health?”

Derek still gets regular support from Be Well
Tameside and is positive that quitting smoking is one of the best things he’s
ever done.

He added: “The team is fantastic. They come
in to monitor and check on me regularly, and always give me support when I need

“I can now take deep breaths which is
fantastic. It’s not been easy, but I’m so glad I’ve done it.”

When asked what his secret was to stopping
smoking, Derek said: “If you have a positive attitude and want to quit it’s
definitely possible.

“You might not quit first time, but if you
keep trying you’ll get there in the end.”

Lobna Begum-Haris, specialist stop smoking
lead with Be Well Tameside, said: “Derek’s story shows that anyone can quit
smoking with the right support.

“No Smoking Day is a great opportunity to
make that commitment to quit, but we offer support all year round. You’re four
times more likely to quit with specialist support.

“It’s never too late to quit smoking or to
start improving your health. If you live or work in Tameside then Be Well
Tameside is here to help.”

For help with quitting smoking or to find out
more, contact Be Well Tameside Team on 0161 716 2000 or [email protected].

The service is on Twitter and Facebook

You can also visit:

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