MAURIZIO SARRI has revealed the identity of the only person who can get him to stop smoking – his dad.

The cigarette-loving tactician was once said to have smoked up to five packets a day.

Maurizio Sarri admits there’s just one person who can get him to quit smoking

Sarri has since cut down following his move to West London, with smoking not allowed in English football stadiums.

But he is yet to fully kick the habit and has been seen fiddling with what appears to be a plastic cigarette filter during his four Premier League matches.

However, Sarri’s father appears to have a magical ability to get Sarri to stub his cigarettes out altogether.

But Sarri adds that the instructions go out the window as soon as the nicotine urges kick back in.

The Chelsea boss is known for his chain-smoking habits

Sarri told Il Mattino: “When my father learned I had this offer (from Chelsea), he told me to go to London, that it was the right thing to do.

“He did ask me to stop smoking at least while I’m here. He is the only one who for five minutes can make me wobble in my convictions.”

Sarri also revealed he was never given the opportunity to say goodbye to his players at Napoli after being replaced by Carlo Ancelotti at the end of last season.

He added: “It all happened so quickly, I didn’t get a chance to say goodbye to the players. I want to do it now and say, ‘You are extraordinary lads. Continue like this, because you can do it and achieve that dream we only glanced.”

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