A recent study claims that if you exercise half an hour a day, you will feel health improvement which will automatically become a stimulation to quit smoking.

Researchers in Norway found that older people who are physically active live longer than people who are physically inactive. The study was conducted on the group of 6,000 people older than 73 years.

Professor of the sports medicine department, Ingar Holm, who led the study, says that there are many notable benefits of exercising: “It was found that just 30 minutes of daily physical activity is enough, and you should always aim for different ways of recreation, for a longer period of time. It has been shown that physical activity has health benefits for the body and should be an important part of our everyday life. Exercise is equally important for all, regardless of weight.”

Although the pill for immortality hasn’t been invented yet, the researchers reveal secrets that will extend the life span.

The daily easy recreation such as cycling or brisk walking strengthens the muscles, gives vitality and prolongs life.

Researchers claim, exercise can help smokers to quit this unhealthy habit. People who exercise at least 30 minutes a day are twice as likely to quit smoking, than people who are physically inactive.

Scientists conducted a study in which voluntary participants were subjected to daily physical activity, which helped them change their attitude towards smoking. Many of them quit smoking and realized the advantage of exercise. Scientists believe that this is a good direction for further research whether exercise can be used as a clinical treatment for smoking cessation.

There is no magic formula that can provide us mental and physical health throughout life, but regular exercise, a healthy lifestyle, a balanced diet and social life are the most important factors for longevity.

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