Getting a good night’s sleep goes a long way toward having better days, so here are seven ways to get rid of insomnia.

The reasons behind insomnia can be varied for each person that suffers it. It may be a temporary problem that resolves on its own, or you may have to see help to deal with the issue that is causing your difficulty sleeping. Either way, understanding why you can not sleep and trying some alternatives may be the methods you need to get back on the right sleep track.

Stress is a big reason for insomnia. Work on letting the day’s issues go and not running certain problems or statements through your head over and over when you should be falling asleep. Consider a sleep journal to write down the day’s stressors and forget them while you try to sleep.

Find Treatment for Depression and Anxiety

Look at the reason for your insomnia. If it comes from feelings of depression and anxiety that seem above the norm, it may be time to consult a medical professional. These conditions cause insomnia and can not be resolved simply by changing your sleep patterns. Getting treatment can help you sleep better and also help you function better during the day.

Look at Medications You Take

Medications for allergies, heart conditions and blood pressure can have the side effect of messing with your sleep patterns. If you find you are on one of these medications, discuss them with the doctor to see if there is a viable alternative or if you need a light sleep aid to combat their effects.

Avoid Eating and Drinking Close to Bedtime

Eating dinner too close to bedtime can make it difficult to fall asleep easily. Make sure you do not drink too much alcohol or caffeine, as they speed up the brain and make it hard to relax when it is time to fall asleep. Likewise, try to plan dinner in the late afternoon rather than in the evening.

First of all, make a schedule and stick to it. Changing the time you go to bed, having different things you do before bed and having caffeine too close to bedtime all lend to poor sleep habits. Recognizing these issues and eliminating them can go a long way toward having a better night’s sleep.

Have a comfortable pillow that is of good quality and a mattress that is the right level of firmness for your preference. Make sure you are not going to be too hot or too cold. Dress appropriately and don’t use too many blankets or forgo blankets when you might get cold.

The majority of people find that having a light they can see from their bed or one that is on in their bedroom is counterproductive to their sleep efforts. Contrary to when you were a child and a night light was reassuring, adults find lights to be distracting from the process of getting a full night’s rest.

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