I get depressed every New Year’s Day.


New Year’s Day means a new start for most people. It’s the time (or) day people choose to start a new routine, life, or regimen. For me, it’s my birthday (well on the 2nd) and it’s literally a new year for ME.

For as long as I can remember, I’ve been sad. I think that is because I sit back and reflect on my year, and where I should be by now. Although, I’m always grateful – I always think I should be farther along. So, I accept the Happy Birthday text, calls, FB post and enjoy the kids kissing on me saying, “Happy Birthday” all day but inside, I’m sad.

This year will be different. It will be different because I’m excited about 2016 and I’m in planning mode NOW! So when 2016 starts, it will be a new year and a new age (literally) for ME!

I’m actually thinking of even celebrating ME with a birthday party! I never do that. Yeah, we’ve decided on a crab boil & wine tasting! #CelebrateME!

6 Big Things I’m Doing to #CelebrateME in 2016:

1. Consistent Exercise | 2015 was the first year in YEARSSSSSS that I didn’t exercise consistently. It was mainly because the first half of the year I was mentally stressed out. The second half I was getting used to a new normal.

In 2016, I am getting back to my workout routine so I can look like Angela Bassett (an ageless beauty!) The great thing is, I maintained my weight because I eat healthy (except for chicken wing & fry binges), but I didn’t feel the same as I did when I exercised regularly.

2. Regular Facials | I remember years ago, I would go with a friend and get a facial every month. It was my pamper time. As I age gracefully, I’d like to start this again. I’m frugal, so I am going to tell you a secret – I can go to the Skin & Massage School and get a full 50 minute facial for half the cost and they do great work (msg ME for the school if you live in ATL).

I’ve already told my husband that this is how I want to pamper myself on a regular basis and his response was, “Ok babe.”

3. Saying YES to Great Opportunities | I recently completed reading Shonda Rhymes book, Year of Yes, where she said yes to things that scared her for a full year. I really want to do the same.

What this means, is you are open to stepping out of your comfort zone and allowing yourself to grow. Nothing says the same – and when you try to, you eventually get outdated. So if someone asked me to speak in front of hundreds or thousands on marriage, motherhood or motivation > sign me up!

4. 2016 WILL BE MY MOST SUCCESSFUL YEAR TO-DATE | I believe in speaking positive and believing that great things can manifest into my life. So I believe this statement, but also know I have to DO THE WORK. This year, I will do the work and I will rock out entrepreneurship!

5. I am Open to Having More Genuine Girl Friends | When you are married & a mother, it’s easy for your family dynamic to become your world. It’s nothing wrong with loving your family and being present 80% of the time. It’s that other 20% that you need to get away and refresh, rejuvenate and release (sometimes a mommy just needs a good dance on the floor with her girls!).

Let’s break down the extra 20% shall we? 10% ME time (remember facials!) & the other 10% Girls Night Out! In 2015 I had a few GNO but I look forward to 2016 to enjoying my time with current friends but I am so open to meeting new people in 2016!

6. Saying NO & Not Feeling Guilty | This is so simple and not the same as saying Yes to the things that scare us. This is saying NO to the things you simply do not want to do and not feel ashamed about it. Your time is so precious and it’s more valuable that money. Why? You can’t get wasted time back.

So if there is something you don’t want to do for any real reason, say no and be unapologetic about it. It’s your life. Oh…. and don’t feel like you have to explain your no. No, is a complete sentence.

2016 is going to be a great year! I can already feel it in my bones!

It will all start with ME on January 1st on New Years Day … and the 2nd!

You are worth it. You deserve it. Ummmm and ya need it!

I’m not sure if you read my story about how important it is to take a ME Day earlier this year, but it’s so true and needed. As women we have more on our plates than ever and expected to carry it with a smile.

We’re bosses, leaders, pastors, mothers, teachers, CEO’s, and everything else … we all have our own story and daily experiences. And although we work so hard, it would be a sweeter reward if we took more time out to pamper ourselves once in a while. You are worth it. You deserve it. Ummmm and ya need it!

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I learned a lot about myself in 2015 and ready to rock out 2016! What are you doing to celebrate yourself in 2016? I’d really love to hear it!

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