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Drug addiction is one of the most debilitating and
lethal mental illnesses you can watch your child suffer. Their life is quickly
taken over by despair, hurt, and the need to get high. The problem has become
an overwhelming epidemic nationwide and one that affects not just stereotypical
“criminal” elements but college and even high school students.

You’ve found the will inside yourself as a parent
to help your child begin recovering. It takes bravery, ambition, and strength
to healthily live with a mental illness like substance abuse, and your child
can’t have all of those traits without your support. This journey is a long
one, and if you or your child gets stuck, or is not sure where to start, keep
reading this list for some helpful tips.

1. Get Them
Proper Treatment

It’s important you keep in mind that your son or
daughter might never come to decide on recovery, and it will take your love as
a parent to get them started on the right track. The options vary for the type
of treatment available, and they mostly depend on what he or she needs

You can search for treatment facilities within
your area with specialty services, such as treatment facilities dedicated to cocaine addiction
treatment in California
. With their help, your child can work with multiple
doctors to find the one that’s right for them. Whether they need an inpatient
stay for a healthy and safe detox, or outpatient talk therapy once a week, they
will be on their way to the point of long-term sobriety!

2. Help
Them Heal from Past Traumas

It’s more than likely that your child didn’t wake
up one morning and decide to be an addict. Substance abuse tends to be a means
of self-medication, and it’s likely they were already struggling mentally
before turning to drugs. There was a reason your child turned to an addictive substance,
and it needs to be addressed.

Instead of enabling them to avoid painful and
traumatic parts of themselves, encourage them to face their demons head-on in a
safe and healthy environment. This support is going to do wonders for your
recovery journey together as parent and child!

3. Encourage
Them to Forgive Themselves

Addiction turns you into someone you never planned
on being. In moments of desperation, your child might have done things they’re
ashamed of. If you want your child to have a chance at sobriety, no matter what
has happened, it’s important you forgive your child for their past mistakes.

Doing this will allow them to forgive themselves. Holding
their negative behavior over their head is only going to encourage them to
punish themselves instead of pushing themselves to a full recovery.

4. Surround
Them with Friends and Family

Battling substance abuse is something that no one
should do alone. Having a strong support system can make the process not only
happen faster but far less miserable. Being surrounded by loved ones can remind
your child that despite the damage their mental illness has done, they still
have people who love and support them. Surround your child with people who are
rooting for them throughout recovery while giving encouragement along the way. They
can easily become inspirations to your child to keep fighting towards sobriety.


Substance abuse grips and takes lives at an
alarming rate. Recovery is a scary, difficult, and painful experience, and this
is especially true for a child. As a parent, it’s your job to do everything in
your power to get your child in recovery. However, it’s important that you
remember there are ways to can help your child to make the process as easy and
rewarding as possible.

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