Despite the fact that we know smoking kills over 6 million people each year, 1 billion people still smoke cigarettes worldwide. But quitting isn’t as easy as a lot of people believe it to be.

Nicotine addiction causes withdrawal symptoms that can make you feel sick, fatigued, and generally bad.

But if you feel like you’re trapped in your addiction to cigarettes, you’re wrong. Quitting, while hard, is possible for everybody.

But sometimes we need a little bit of motivation before we take on a great challenge like quitting smoking. That’s where these 4 stop smoking quotations come in. They’ll help motivate you to stop smoking so you can lead a healthier and happier life cigarette-free.

1. “The Greatest Discovery of My Generation Is That a Human Being Can Alter His Life by Altering His Attitudes of Mind.”

Many smokers have the attitude that quitting smoking is impossible. But as this William James quote tells us, it’s all about your attitude. Once you change your attitude about quitting, your entire life can be altered.

This is a great stop smoking quote because it puts into perspective that a lot of addiction is reliance upon old attitudes. One you dedicate your mind to quitting instead of staying in the same rut, you can do anything.

2. “A Journey of a Thousand Miles Must Begin with a Single Step.”

This classic Lao-Tzu motivational quote isn’t only about quitting smoking, but it definitely relates well. Any hard or challenging journey seems daunting, but all of these challenges have to start somewhere.

Taking that first step of quitting, whether that’s buying nicotine patches or switching to vaping, is the start of your journey. You just have to take that first step.

Check out this site to discover more about taking that first step to quitting cigarettes via vaping.

3. “Cigarettes Are a Classy Way to Commit Suicide.”

Let’s not sugar coat it: smoking leads to life-threatening diseases that will kill you. When you smoke, you’re slowly killing yourself.

Reminding yourself of that is a great, and terrifying, motivator to quit. Do you really want to go through life addicted to something that shortens your days and will very likely result in a terminal illness? We didn’t think so.

4. “Believe You Can and You’re Halfway There.”

This classic Theodore Roosevelt quote relates back to our first stop smoking quote. Changing your attitude by believing you can quit will help you quit. You won’t be successful if you decide you’re going to fail.

Decide you’re going to succeed, and half the battle is won.

Stop Smoking Quotations That Will Help You Quit

Quitting smoking is no easy task, but it can quite literally save your life. While quitting is easier said than done, hopefully these stop smoking quotations will give you a bit of motivation to get you started on your journey to beat addiction.

If you find that you need a little extra motivation, check out our other motivational quotes that can give you a little boost when you’re feeling down.


4 Stop Smoking Quotations to Quit Cigarettes for Good