Addiction is the most powerful and harmful feeling that a man can get ever. And addiction to smoking is also the worst one. Addiction to smoking can cause serious health problems for you and besides having health conditions, smoking also causes your looks to destroy. So the best way to escape from all the health conditions and the unhealthy looks is to quit smoking.

To quit smoking, is not a simple task for the smokers but it is not impossible. The urges to smoke may be powerful and you might feel incomplete or sad without smoking but the smoking is not very good for health. So for the sake of your health, you must avoid smoking. Each time you resist against the smoke, you are one step ahead to healthy lifestyle.

Trying to quit smoking? Check the best ways and tips to stop smoking or tobacco craving strikes that will help you to do the virtue:

#1. Make a strong will: The first and the most important thing that you need to quit the smoking is the strong will. You know that smoking is injurious to health so you want to quit it. So, this is the strong reason that will make a strong will to stop smoking. This should be the powerful reason to get motivated and to get a strong will power. May be the thought of cancers or death frighten you. And you might want to live a long life, so by thinking this you can get the feeling of hate for cigarette and smoking.

#2. Stop buying cigarettes: when you stop buying cigarettes, you don’t feel the urges to smoke and control it if you feel to smoke, when you are out of cigarettes. This will definitely work for you in quitting it.

#3. Try nicotine therapy: in the start of the race to quit smoking, you might feel difficult to do so. You may feel frustrated and depressed because of the withdrawal of nicotine. Then you can try a nicotine replacement therapy. The nicotine gums, inhalers or sprays may be the replacements for the nicotine. Studies have shown that these replacements can double the chances of quitting smoking.

#4. Keep your mouth moving and chewing: go on chewing. Always give your mouth something that will help you to fight against the tobacco smoking cessation. Chew gums, salary or something that will keep you satisfied with.

#5. Avoid triggers: activities that give you the strongest urges to smoke should be avoided. Alcohol is the one of the most common triggers so try to drink less when you are motivated to quit smoking.

#6. Do some work outs: physical activity and work outs can help you to get distracted from the intensity of smoking. Just 30 minutes in a day can help you to get rid of the cigarette smoke. Get out for a walk or a run with your closer one that might also distracts you from smoking.

#7. Save all the money from cigarettes in a jar: put all the money that you have been spending on the cigarettes in a jar. That helps you to keep motivating and also allows you to save money that you have been spending on the cigarettes for years.

#8. Create a no-smoke zone: make your house free from smoking and cigarettes. Don’t allow anyone to use tobacco in your home or near you. Make no smoking signs on the doors of your homes and offices.

#9. Use medications if possible: you must prescribe a doctor that will help you in quitting smoking. Some drugs are intended that helps people to get rid of the smoking.

#10. Remind yourself of the benefits: at the end, always remind yourself of the benefits that will make you to feel better and getting healthier.

Remember, each time you stop yourself of smoking, you are one step closer to a safe and healthy life.

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