Yoga for back pain relief

Back in March, before our San Francisco trip, I injured my back. I had debilitating pain for a whole week causing limited movement and a realization that this is why people get hooked on pain meds. It’s not an exaggeration to say that I could literally barely do anything. Sitting can hurt. Standing can hurt. Laying down was ok for me.  But only in a few positions,  and no turning over! Simple tasks like brushing my teeth were excruciatingly painful. In yoga training we teacht two simple movements as a spinal warm up which also work as yoga for back pain relief exercises. I still do them daily.

Yoga for back pain relief video

While a picture can say a thousand words, a video is perhaps better for movements. Below is an embedded video for yoga for back pain relief exercises. As always you can find this video on YouTube or on Daily Motion. I have more videos coming soon so ensure you subscribe!

For both of the exercises, smaller movements are encouraged. In the demonstration, the movements are exaggerated so you can clearly see the movement. As the saying goes, less is more. It’s also better to do the movements slowly, so don’t rush. Each exercise should be done for around 1-2 minutes. This means you can sneak in multiple sessions a day for ultimate relief.

Arch and Flatten

Similar to “cat  & cow” poses, but in yoga for back relief we come all the way down to the floor on our backs. This reduces the pressure on our low back, and allows for support. On your back with knees bent, and feet on the floor about hip distance apart arch the low back away from the floor. Then pull the navel to spine, drawing the low back to the floor. Get a sense of this movement coming from the gentle tilt back and forth of the pelvis.

This movement can also be done seated in a chair, laying in bed, on all fours or standing. It’s suggested that if you have pain transitioning from seated to standing then do a little of this movement BEFORE standing to mobilize the back and prepare it for stress.

Windshield Wipers

Starting again laying on the floor with knees bent. Place the feet wider than the hips. From the pelvis let the knees gently sway from right to left. Start small as this requires rotation from the pelvis and lumbar spine which may be over stressed already if you have an injury. So start small and go slow.

These yoga for back pain exercises should be done for 1-2 minutes each. Preferably multiple times a day. I hope you found this information helpful as it really helped me recover from my own back injury. As usual like, comment and share!


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Yoga for back pain relief

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