Yin Yoga for Stress Relief & Tension in the Neck and Shoulders

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As I wrote in Tuesday’s newsletter, yoga is back!! Hooray!! Today I’m so excited to share a wonderful, slow-paced yin yoga for stress relief class that’s so perfect for melting away tension in the neck and shoulders.

This yoga class is approximately 40 minutes and is appropriate for all levels. I offer many pose modifications and am always happy to help you find modifications to meet your needs! Please just leave a comment here or on my YouTube channel if you need ideas for modifying a pose.

You can watch the video below, but I do recommend heading over to YouTube to see the video description if you want to see links for additional, similar practices!

If the wall hanging in the background looks a bit familiar, it’s because I shared the original painting a few weeks ago! If you stop by the post, you can grab a free coloring page version of this luna moth painting. You can also get your own wall hanging on Society6!

I really hope that you enjoy this class! Yin yoga is such a wonderful practice for those of us with busy lives because it helps balance the ‘yang’ of all this bustle and activity. I’ll be sharing a yin yoga practice for the hips and psoas in the next week or so – make sure you subscribe on YT so you don’t miss out!

I love knowing what my subscribers want to see, so please let me know: are there any particular areas you’d like to see targeted in an upcoming yoga class?


Yin Yoga for Stress Relief & Tension in the Neck and Shoulders

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