Weight Loss Issues Can You Be Cellulite Free

One thing I really must say at​ the​ outset of​ this article is,​ that if​ you were to​ ask the​ majority of​ men to​ define cellulite they would most probably be completely baffled.

Then after you explained it​ to​ them in​ detail and told them that you suffered from it,​ more likely than not the​ reaction would be to​ look at​ you as​ if​ you were slightly mad,​ shrug their shoulders and say that they had actually never noticed it.

So one consolation I suppose,​ is​ that most men apparently just do not see it​ and do not know what all the​ fuss is​ about!

(They can be wonderful sometimes can’t they!)

From a​ womans point of​ view however,​ cellulite is​ at​ best something which restricts what she can or​ cannot wear,​ or​ at​ worst in​ extreme cases something which can be downright unsightly.

If we​ are being brutally honest,​ dimples on​ our cheeks can be really cute,​ but dimples on​ our thighs and our buttocks most certainly are not.

It has been described as​ the​ dreaded “orange peel look” especially in​ relation to​ female thighs and buttocks.

Many women can literally spend absolute fortunes to​ try and find ways to​ eliminate it.

Having established that it​ is​ a​ big problem (for the​ majority of​ women at​ least),​ I find myself coming back to​ the​ question in​ my title – is​ it​ possible to​ be totally free of​ cellulite!

In truth I think sadly that as​ things stand at​ themoment probably not,​ but there are many many steps that can be taken to​ minimise the​ unsightly look of​ cellulite,​ and my intention in​ this article is​ to​ outline just a​ few of​ them.

It does really help if​ we​ try and understand some of​ the​ main causes of​ cellulite,​ and what if​ anything we​ can effectively do to​ both reduce the​ unsightly appearance (in our eyes at​ least),​ and even to​ try and banish it​ completely.

We should remember that the​ primary cause of​ cellulite is​ weight gain,​ and if​ a​ woman does gain excess weight the​ layers of​ fat under the​ skin expand,​ but sadly not in​ a​ smooth uniform way.
We have the​ female hormone estrogen which promotes fat on​ the​ thighs and buttocks to​ thank for this.

When fat cells start to​ build up on​ the​ lower half of​ the​ female body,​ they are more likely to​ multiply and press against the​ skin. This process creates the​ bulged and dimpled look of​ the​ dreaded cellulite,​ and with very very few exceptions,​ it​ is​ completely a​ feminine problem.

Another important factor is​ that as​ we​ age our skin also tends to​ lose its tautness,​ particularly so if​ we​ do not take any forms of​ regular exercise.

So having now determined the​ main causes of​ cellulite,​let us look in​ some detail at​ some of​ the​ choices available to​ us to​ try and minimize the​ effects of​ it.

The first choice is​ that you can learn to​ live with it!

Yes,​ I do actually mean that!

At the​ end of​ the​ day it​ is​ not going to​ detract from you as​ a​ woman,​ and there is​ no reason whatsoever why you cannot still be very attractive.

Do not let it​ become an​ obsession under any circumstances!

The second and for me personally,​ the​ most important choice available is​ to​ make a​ seriously determined and long term effort to​ lose those unnecessary extra pounds. I strongly recommend a​ low fat diet as​ the​ first and vital step to​ take if​ you are to​ succeed in​ fighting this battle.

Make it​ a​ top priority to​ become much more active!

Simple changes such as​ walking more frequently,​ taking up a​ sport that you really could enjoy(perhaps something you did in​ the​ past),​ or​ alternatively taking the​ time to​ join a​ few exercise classes,​ are just some examples.

Join those exercise classes which concentrate primarily on​ hips buttocks and thighs. This will greatly help in​ improving and toning up those areas affected by cellulite.

Your third choice is​ to​ try out some of​ the​ many creams that you can purchase. Use these with a​ deep massaging technique which will help improve the​ overall appearance of​ the​ cellulite areas.

The fourth and most drastic choice is​ liposuction which removes excess fat. Another such process is​ Endermologie,​ a​ mechanical massage that will smooth out the​ dimples.

These methods can be really expensive,​ so you will have to​ be prepared to​ dig deep for them.

Useful Quick Fix Tips to​ Disguise Cellulite.

Fake Tan – Apply the​ fake tan normally,​ but just before you are going to​ show your legs,​ rub a​ layer of​ hair serum (yes the​ stuff you use to​ stop frizz),​ along your shinbone. This makes the​ thinner area of​ your shinbone much more prominent,​ and will therefore help to​ disguise those parts which are less firm in​ appearance.

Wear the​ Right Shoes – Heels or​ wedges will make your legs appear much longer,​ but beware of​ ankle straps and flat shoes. They really do make your legs look considerably shorter and fatter.

Take a​ tip from the​ celebrities. They wear heels with trousers and jeans,​ and have them made so that the​ trousers end about an​ inch below the​ ankle. the​ effect of​ this is​ to​ make their legs look really long and slim.

Draw the​ Eyes Upwards – if​ you are wearing your jeans on​ a​ night out for example,​ by either wearing a​ bulky necklace,​ a​ glittery scarf,​ or​ maybe even a​ Wonderbra and a​ V Necked top (if you are feeling slightly daring),​ you will distract attention away from your thighs.

Wear dark colors as​ they make your bottom parts look much slimmer.

Try out a​ Fast Fix Treatment – Treat yourself by going to​ a​ beauty salon,​ and indulge in​ one of​ their cellulite instant fix procedures. These can be very expensive but they really do make your thighs look smoother and sleeker.

Unfortunately though,​ these procedures only last for a​ short length of​ time.

The majority of​ women would love to​ have thinner cellulite free thighs,​ but do please remember that it​ is​ your overall appearance which matters most.

If you look and feel attractive in​ yourself that will be the​ way that others will also see you.

Remember that the​ aim here is​ for improvement not perfection. Cellulite has been a​ femimine curse (as women see it),​ since the​ beginning of​ time. as​ yet no one has come up with either an​ instant or​ indeed permanent cure.

However until they do,​ and one day somebody just might,​ stay focussed on​ your overall health,​ take serious and meaningful steps to​ lose weight,​ and maintain a​ good exercise program.

That way you can at​ the​ very least keep the​ whole thing in​ perspective,​ and in​ so doing,​ maintain your self confidence and self esteem at​ a​ much higher level than it​ would otherwise have been.



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