The Benefits of Cross Referral to Tackle Hair Loss

While the NHS website blithely states ‘hair loss isn’t usually anything to worry about‘ even though it doesn’t have any answers, our cousins in the states are streets ahead in recognising that for most sufferers hair loss IS an issue and it does need tackling, preferably using a multi-pronged attack, in this case via cross-referrals, to get the right answers for the right individuals.

Our NHS healthcare service in UK is very different obviously but imagine if your NHS doctor could say; “Yes, you do have hair loss, and while we cannot help you, beyond ruling out medical causes, rather than tell you ‘Bad luck. You’ll have to learn to live with it.’ we know some other individuals and businesses it is worth talking to who might be able to help or offer a cosmetic solution which could give you your life and confidence back.”

San Antonio-based Candy Lewis Williams, Ph.D is a board-certified naturopathic doctor, master herbalist and trichologist who takes a detailed case history of each client and if she doesn’t know the answer she generally knows someone who does as she has developed working relationships with many practitioners over the years.

Candy believes that trichologists should connect with dermatologists, endocrinologists and gynecologists who can order and perform testing that leads to a proper diagnosis. In addition working with a salon professional from a medical standpoint can keep a patient on track with their treatment regime.  From a salon perspective, a referral from a doctor makes it less embarrassing for the patient to come to the salon professional with hair loss issues as the doctor has already briefed them (with their consent). Some hair loss sufferers feel too battered by an unsympathetic doctor to seek further help for their hair loss for some time, occasionally even years, all the while losing confidence and time they could have had hair again, enduring unnecessary levels of stress.

Moreover a true salon professional will know all the cosmetic and surgical hair restoration options available and be able to explore those too if conventional and alternative treatments don’t work.

I know I was shocked that a trichologist couldn’t take a simple blood test when I consulted them years ago to check ferritin levels as that seemed to be a fundamental necessity of their job in diagnosis. I had to go to the doctor for that and then book another expensive appointment with Trichologist to discuss the results. UK still has a long way to go I fear.

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The Benefits of Cross Referral to Tackle Hair Loss

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