Tactics for the War against Cellulite

Cellulite: the dreaded orange-peel look

Cellulite is a concern for most women. Although it is mainly associated with hormonal factors, there are other elements to take in consideration, such as overweight, sedentary lifestyle, poor diet, stress, poor blood circulation and water retention.

So, are cosmetic products enough? Or can we fight cellulite just by changing our habits? In reality, you should always opt for a combination of the 2.


Although we cannot change our genetics (at least for now 😀), or even our age, there are some lifestyle choices we can make to improve the appearance of our skin and give a boost to those products calling out our name from the shelves when Summertime approaches.

1 – Choose a regular physical activity

Practicing sports not only helps to burn fatty tissue, it also improves blood flow. For these reasons, a sport is a premium ally in the war against cellulite, but also, weight problems.

We know we are all very busy, and finding time for a regular activity is not the easiest task. If you can’t find a way to take about 30 minutes of your day to practice sports, how about trying to incorporate it into your daily tasks? For example:

  • Choose the stairs instead of the elevator,
  • Park your car further away from the supermarket,
  • Don’t take your groceries home all at once, prefer to take more trips between the trunk of your car and the kitchen counter, this way you will be increasing your exercise and it’s so much healthier in many other ways,
  • How about contracting the glutes while doing some upstanding chores, like cooking or ironing?
  • If you have kids, reserve some of the time you spend with them to play outside, doing physical activities, they will love it, and it’s so much healthier for both children and adults.

There are many ways to make your body move and exercise a bit more on your daily routine. Be creative 😊

2 – Eat healthily!

I’m not suggesting to adopt any crazy or trendy diets, but try to reduce the main sources of fat and sugar, while also increasing your intake of fruits and veggies, as well as the commonly recommended 8 cups of water per day.

Salt, coffee, and tobacco should be on your “no, thank you” list!

It’s also not for nothing that you keep hearing that Breakfast is the most important meal of the day! It is! The calories you ingest in the morning are being spent during the day. 😊

3 – Regulate your eating schedules

Because cellulite is caused by fatty tissue, you might see some similarities between weight loss recommendations and these suggestions. Well yes, part of the war against Cellulite is to manage our amount of fatty tissue and weight.

Choose your eating schedules and respect them, every time you snack, your body secretes insulin which favors the storage of fat.

4 – Avoid hot showers or baths

Hot water is not good for your blood flow. Opt for colder water which can also help improve the firmness of your skin, or just finish your shower with a flush of cold water in the affected areas.

5 – Stay clear of tight jeans, shoes, and boots

Tight garments are an enemy of a good blood flow.

6 – Finally: choose a product that is right for you

There are different kinds and degrees of Cellulite. A targeted action will yield better results.


So, let’s get down to business. Cellulite is easily installed, but getting rid it of it can be a nightmare! The struggle is real and involves a continuous effort and long-term commitment. Luckily for us, the market is full of products that qualify to be our right-arm in fighting the orange-peel look!

The infantry

Lierac Body-Slim Express Body-Contouring Program

A potent combination of active caffeine and ginger, it rapidly reduces the appearance of persistent cellulite.

It’s visibly slimming and leaves the surface of the skin smoother. Because of its effective slimming effect, it’s perfect to use as a “first strike” in the beginning of any slimming treatment, reducing the diameter of the problematic areas will make it easier for other treatments to penetrate increasing their effectiveness.

The “trojan horse”

When at war it’s good to have a variety of resources and allies!

Cosmetics by definition have a topical action, carrying out their action on the surface.

Well, as we know, Cellulite originates in the fatty tissue underlying the skin dermis, so a dietary supplement can also be a great ally and smart addition to your army. Cellulase Gold will help avoid fluid retention and optimize blood flow.

The sniper unit

Know your target! We can only benefit from using a well- constructed tactic, and this includes a targeted action. Choose a product formulated for your type of cellulite. Here are some examples:

Lierac Body-Slim Stomach&Waist Concentrate

NUXE Body Body-Contouring Serum for Embedded Cellulite

Hand-to-hand combat

As good as your armory is, don’t leave out the basics, use your hands! A good and strong massage will help loosen and redistribute fat, strengthen the connective tissue and stimulate your microcirculation, improving blood flow and the efficiency of the products you are applying.

Make no mistake, this is not a relaxing massage! If you have declared Cellulite as your enemy, then you must treat it like one!

Don’t forget to check our promotions page, you can find there packs and discounts that will help you start building your armory. 😍


Tactics and allies for the war against Cellulite



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