Summer Activities – The Fight Against Back Pain

If you’re going away on holiday this summer, or simply plan on getting your garden back in shape, then checkout this blog post where we will just unveil the secrets to fighting and preventing back pain this summer. We will also be looking into the cause of the back pain in the summer season.

Unleashing the Secret to Fight Back Pain during Summer Activities

The summer season is one of the most rejoiced seasons of the year. The reason is summer brings new opportunities for outdoor activities. However, indulging in outdoor activities increases the risk of back pain and back injuries as well. The good news is that you need not hold back the desire to indulge in these activities. You just need to adopt a proactive approach and follow a few tips so that you can protect your back. This way you get to enjoy all the fun without suffering from the dreaded back pain. We will just unveil the secrets to fighting and prevent the back pain, but before that we will look into the cause of the back pain in the summer season.

Causes of Back Pain in the Summer Season

The following are the key causes of back pain during the summer.

  • The extremely hot weather: If you want to find the remedy to the back pain then you need to find the main cause first. The hot weather itself can be the prime cause of the back pain. Some people feel that barometric pressure, humidity and even heat make a difference in the pain for the better or, the worse.
  • Travelling during summers: Most people want to indulge in physical activities during the summer season. This means that you will need to travel in the plane or the car for an extended period. This can prove to be quite difficult if you have a sensitive back or neck.
  • Change in Sleep Patterns: Even change in sleep patterns during the summers can contribute to the back pain. When your physical activities increase during the summer, then it becomes quite difficult to follow your nap schedule. Obviously, when you do not sleep well, it may aggravate your back pain.
  • Sleeping on a different mattress: During your summer travel, you may need to sleep on a different mattress. This might make it different for you to fall sleep and this can be a contributing factor to a backache as well during the summers.
  • Stressful summer activities: Most of you love to indulge in gardening during the summer season without knowing that it can lead to a lot of back issues. For example, digging and harvesting are a pretty tough job for a weak back.

How to Fight the Summer Back Pain?

Here are a few ways that can help you fight the agonizing summer back pain.

 Caring for your back during travelling in summer:

You can avoid the back pain during summer travel by moving slowly when lifting a heavy object. For example, if you have to lift your bag into an overhead bin then make sure that you first lift it to the top of the seat and then you move it into the bin.

Similarly, if you have to put your suitcase into the car for the summer travel then make sure that you first move the suitcase to the chair and then you should move it to the trunk.

There are other simple tips that you can follow as well when you have to lift the luggage. Make sure that you bend at your knees and make use of the leg muscles to lift the luggage rather than the back muscles. Try not to twist your lower back when you lift the luggage. If you want to carry a shoulder bag during your travel, then make sure that you switch sides so that you do not stress one side of your back.

You should make sure that you carry your lumbar support pillow such as our fantastic, London Spine Clinic designed Backboard along with you when you travel so that you have adequate support for your back. When your feet are not placed on a firm surface, then it also puts pressure on your back so remember to carry a footrest with you in case your seat is a bit high.

When you sit for a long period during your travel, then it also strains the back. Your back needs to be aligned with the back of the seat when you sit. The backrest needs to support the middle of the head. The shoulders need to be straight.

When you suffer from a back pain during the summers, then the perfect relief is a cold pack. You can take a plastic bag and fill it with ice. Apply this bag to the painful area and you will get relief in no time. The bag of ice needs to be placed between the seat back and the lower back. 

Stretching activity can help fight back pain in summers:

When you want to avoid back pain and stiffness, then the best remedy is stretching. You can try the standing hamstring stretch. You need to bend forward at your waist. The legs need to be straight. You should try touching your toes. You should try to hold this particular position for about 30 to 45 seconds.

Sitting hamstring can also be a great activity to fight the back pain. You need to sit at the edge of your chair. You need to straighten out one leg, and the heel needs to be on the floor. Next, you have to sit straight and push the navel towards your thigh. You have to arch your back during this posture, and you should not lean the trunk of your body forward. This stretch needs to be held for about 30 seconds, and you should repeat this stretch thrice for each leg.

For more exercises you can watch some videos right here on our website.

Try activities that strengthen back muscles:

When you want to enjoy the summer strenuous activities, then make sure that your body is aerobically conditioned. You can achieve this objective through various activities. Summer is the ideal season to go for long morning walks. Activities like swimming and cycling also strengthen your back muscles.

Choose supportive footwear:

When you want to participate actively in sports and other activities during the summers, then you need to have the right footwear. Make sure that you get hold of supportive footwear at the earliest. When you have the right footwear, they provide the mechanical support and the basic protection for your feet. This will help to keep your entire body balanced and aligned.

You need to understand the fact that when there is an imbalance in your feet, then it will eventually have a domino effect on your entire body. When your body goes off balance, then it tries to redistribute your weight, and this may put pressure on your spine or your back muscles. This is why the selection of the right footwear is so important.

How to Protect Your Back during Hiking?

Most of you love to go for hiking during the summer season, but what you fear the most is the back pain. Well, now you do not need to deprive yourself of this fun activity because now you can prevent the pain in the first place. Here are a few tips that will help you.

  • First of all, pace yourself and do not go for a 10-mile hike right away. You should give your body the time to adjust. You should gradually increase the distance.
  • When you have decided to go for hiking you should try out the stretching exercises at least six weeks before. You can try out the stretching exercises mentioned above.
  • Try out the glut strengthening exercises like clam and bridge. You should attempt the wall squats as well.
  • Again it is important to emphasize the importance of the right footwear.
  • If you intend to carry a backpack with you, then make sure that you pack light. The weight of your bag needs to be placed between the pelvic area and sternum.
  • Use the walking poles because they may help to relieve the load on your lower back.
  • Take a break of 30 minutes during hiking to relax your muscles.

The most important aspect is to plan your summer activities. Try to follow the proactive approach and have a proper action plan to prevent injuries. It is also important to follow the gradual approach, and you should not get over enthusiastic about indulging in the summer activities. This way you will be able to enjoy the summer fun without injuring yourself. If you would like more information on back pain, exercises and products which can reduce back pain and improve your posture/back health, don’t forget to checkout more information right here on


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