Know a Natural Tea For Women: Perfect For Weight Loss, Shiny Skin And Less Cellulite!

Flaxseed is rich in not only vitamins and minerals but also in fibers and fatty acids. All these ingredients help the normal functioning of bowel movement. It has many health benefits including optimizing metabolism, removing toxins, reducing blood sugar, and controlling appetite.

Flaxseed works by absorbing many ingredients from the food and cleansing the intestines. It also supplies lecithin to be used by the body. It provides fatty acids that stimulate the sebaceous cells, which causes the meltdown of fat deposits in the body. So taking flaxseed regularly can help in burning the excess fat deposits and achieving great body shape.

It can be taken as flaxseed tea that helps in losing all the excess body weight. There is no longer any need to switch to lean diets or starve yourself to burn fats.

Dieticians worldwide suggest flaxseed because it has great healing effects and helps those who are suffering from various health conditions like hemorrhoids, constipation, ulcers of the stomach, and gastritis. It is also used for treating pyelonephritis and cystitis.

Flaxseed Recipe

  • Mix 3 tbsp of flaxseed in 1 L of water and boil
  • Remove from heat into a container/pot with lid and leave overnight
  • Drain off the fluid in the morning, leaving a thick fluid at bottom
  • Save the flaxseeds to be taken as part of meals
  • Add honey for taste

Drink the flaxseed tea through the day. It is recommended to drink a cup 30 minutes before taking food. Prepare the tea every day. It is essential that the tea be prepared fresh.

Take it for 10 days and stop for a week and then repeat again. It will help burn excess fats and maintain your weight. It is a natural and safe way to lose weight without getting addicted to anything. Make sure to undergo at least 3 sessions of treatment.

It is essential to drink lots of water too. Flaxseed tea also works by helping control your appetite. This further helps speed up the process of weight loss.

Another benefit of following this schedule is that it will also help enrich your skin. It will become more resilient, stretched and healthy. This means that you will not have to worry about your skin sagging as your body starts burning fats in different parts. Flaxseed will also help in melting down cellulite deposits.


It is recommended that you avoid or reduce the consumption of flaxseeds if you have the following conditions:

  • You are suffering from some kind of ailment related to the liver. In this case you should take smaller amount of flaxseed tea.
  • If you have stones in the kidney, flaxseed can help in breaking down the stones. However, its use must be carefully controlled.


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