Nothing’s quite as easy as becoming a smoker. A large part of that is because of the denial. You convince yourself you’re not a smoker if you just have a cigarette occasionally. You’re totally in control, you could stop whenever you want, you tell your friends and yourself. Only when you decide to stop, do you realize that there are few things more difficult than trying to quit smoking. Even after years of struggle and abstaining, it takes just a second for it all to go up in a puff. Literally. Many just give up trying because it all seems so hopeless.

Nicotex decided to ignite a spark of hope with their #ICanYouCan campaign. They encouraged and supported smokers trying to quit by starting online discussions and conversations about quitting, got celebrities who have quit smoking to speak up about their struggle, asked quitters to come forward and share their stories. Those trying to quit could finally see that others too have struggled for years till they finally overcome their personal Everest.

Nicotex takes #ICanYouCan to another level
Photo: Nicotex

It didn’t stop there. Nicotex took the 6 most inspiring stories and gave those quitters a chance to climb Mount Everest. That’s the unique premise of the Nicotex ‘I Can You Can’ show that launches this Sunday on National Geographic Channel and Viu. On this 6-episode show, 6 participants will try to climb Mount Everest, while trying to conquer their personal uphill goal of quitting smoking. Out of the 6, three have already quit smoking, while the other three are trying to stop. ‘I Can You Can’ is hosted by Milind Soman, who himself quit smoking a long time ago.

Will these quitters be able to make it?
Photo: Nicotex

This pack of quitters will start their journey from Kathmandu, make their way to the Everest Base Camp and from there climb up to Kala Patthar. It’s an arduous expedition but climbing Everest is not just about the destination, it’s about the mindset. It’s a lot like quitting smoking, you don’t know if you’ll succeed or if you’ll give up half-way. Only those who give it their all can conquer it, but when they do, they go on to become an inspiration to others. Watch a sneak preview of the show below.

Will this bunch of quitters be able to make it? Tune-in to National Geographic Channel at 7pm this Sunday or log on to Viu to watch their inspiring journey.