How To Reverse Female Pattern Baldness, Hair Thinning, Post Delivery Hair Fall & Hair Loss ?

I am one of the victims of Female Pattern Baldness. Yes, I HAVE GONE through a severe phase of female pattern baldness. I know how it feels. I know how depressing it can be. It’s something that takes away your crowing glory. It makes you look older than your age. It makes you look dull & unattractive, and I am being dead serious here.

I am going to share my journey from denial to acceptance and then correction, what I tried, what seemed to work and what finally worked? I am writing this because, I see a lot of women silently suffering form it. They might be still in denial mode, or might have just accepted the fact that they have to live with it. No you don’t have to live with female pattern baldness. I refuse to live with it and you too don’t have too.

What Is Female Pattern Baldness / Hair Thinning / Hair Loss?

So they say, loosing 50 strands per day is alright. Maybe, but what if you loose them from single spot every day? like you crown area. If you are someone who experience hair fall issue 365 days per year, this is not normal. I know, you know that.

How does female pattern baldness look like? Women that suffer from this disease tend to loose 50-100 strands per day that too from same spot. The hair growth rate slows down. The hair follicles shrink which leads to hair thinning and if left untreated, it may lead to baldness. in specific areas.

Age Affected By Female Pattern Hair Loss

Ideally the hormones hit hard after menopause, but due to this diseases can strike at any age starting from teens to middle age and later. This is a hereditary disease. It could be passed to you by your genes, hence age does not matter much.

I started noticing that my hair density was too less when I was in college. I used to make a high pony tail by pulling back my hair starting from the school days. I thought, maybe that’s why my hair density is low. Due to excess pressure on hair follicles, hair strands gets stressed out and fall out. Actually it’s quite a valid reason, as it is one of the cosmetic issue behind hair fall.

Female Hair Fall & Hair Loss Pattern

Female Hair Fall & Hair Loss Pattern : Wide Partition. Abnormal Partition.

I started tying my hair in bun, or would just leave them open, but I never got got satisfied by my hair density. The damage had been already done. Years passed by, I got married, my hair fall issue was still running on an alarming rate. I started gulping down Biotin tablets (helped bit but broke out my skin badly), used castor oil+ almond oil+ coconut oil and some essential oils that claim to stimulate hair growth. Switched to sulphate free shampoos, conditioners& masks. All these efforts helped and I was manage to pull off a I-don’t-have hair-thinning-issues attitude.

Why 95% women loose hair post delivery?

Breastfeeding women loose hair because they get deficient of Iron, Calcium, Magnesium and other essential minerals. This is a temporary hair loss phase and is revered automatically as the mineral deficiency is corrected.

Post delivery, my hair loss showed its real colors. I was literally bald from my crown hair. My hair parting was wider than ever. No matter how I tried to style my hair, I was only seeing my scalp. After a year I decided to go to a doctor. The doctor officially declared that I was going through female pattern baldness. I was dumbstruck.

What I Used To Treat My Hair Loss/ Hair Thinning?

Google is the first thing we do when we come across any issue. I googled how to stop hair loss, how to prevent hair loss, how to reverse hair thinning and what not. I got some  typical results no matter what I searched:

Oil Massage

Coconut oil, almond oil, sesame oil and every single oil present on the earth. I have used these oils altogether for years but I never got desired results.

Essential Oils :

If you pick the right essential oil, it can really help you address you concern To treat hair loss problem due to yeast infection Tea Tree oil is a great essential oil. Lavender oil too is a nourishing agent and can work on itchy scalp. But I hardly noticed any progress in reversing my Female Pattern Baldness.

Anti Hair Fall /Loss Shampoo, Conditioner & Masks

Using a anti hair fall/ hair loss shampoo seems like the easiest thing on the earth but these are the least effective solution to your hair loss problem which are deep rooted. No shampoo ever worked for me. Shampoos are just supposed to clean your hair and scalp. Don’t expect much from it. Similarly an anti hair fall/loss conditioner is the biggest market myth as a conditioner should never be applied on scalp and is just meant to be used on your hair. It can act as a detangler and hence can prevent breakage due to rough hair. A mask on the other hand might be more effective if it contains really nice nutrition for hair. MamaEarth Hair Mask definitely works good in controlling excessive hair fall, but it failed to get me new hair growth.

Tugain 5% Hair Solution

 The most commonly used solution for male pattern baldness is Minoxidil and it is also used to treat female pattern loss in less concentrated quantity as 1%, 5% etc depending upon the severity of the case. This is an ultra drying solution. I used to hate putting this on my scalp every night as the next day my hair would feel like a straw. This solution helped me. It got me new hair within 2-3 months, but I did not want to continue using such a strong hair  in long term, hence I discontinued it after 6 months. Another 6 months and my hair loss problem was knocking back on my head.

Onion Juice

Yuck, right? But I have done this too. But not for long enough to see results. The pungent smell of raw onions is something only strong spirits could live with. I gave up too soon. My fault. Instead I used Ryaal Onion Oil which kind of helped me with hair fall. I ditched this oil too because, I came across an ingredient that was going to give a happy ending to my hair loss story.

How I Reversed My Hair Loss? What Treatment Worked For My Female Pattern Baldness

Stop Hair Loss With Curry Leaves

Stop Hair Fall & Loss With Curry Leaves . Reverse Hair Loss. Regrow New Hair.

The golden rule to detect if a hair care regimen is working for you is to give it at least 2-3 months. Don’t judge the product/routine before that, Hair has a growth cycle and it takes time for new hair to show up on the surface (scalp). I am following this routine from more than 2 months now and now I can say it is working perfectly for me. I am not taking a medical treatment but I am definitely addressing this auto immune disease my way. First comes nutrition and than comes on the spot treatment.

Diet To Reverse Hair Loss

I don’t eat a balanced diet I admit. It’s practically not feasible for me. I am a vegetarian hence my protein & omega 3 fatty acid intake is very low. And these two vital nutrients must be included in your diet anyhow. I don’t eat pulses everyday, but yes, I try to include them in my diet 3-4 times per week. I am more of a vegetable person, hence enjoy my meals with cooked vegetables. Very conventional

To supplement the vital minerals , protein and other nutrients, I eat nuts, almonds and walnuts mostly. I munch few(8-10) nuts twice a day. I try to eat them on empty stomach, because that’s when they are most beneficial. Balanced diet sorted.

On The Spot Treatment To Treat Hair Loss

Hair massage (wet or dry) increases blood flow hence stimulates hair growth too. I take coconut oil and add few leaves of fresh curry leaves. Sweet curry leave are full of nutrition that directly delivers nutrition to the hair roots and hence it makes a huge difference to my hair loss problem. Within 2 months, I could see new hair growing on my crown area. My partition is not as wide as before. I am yet to gain my desired hair density, but I am sure, continuing the treatment, I will be there soon.

How To Make Curry Leaves Infused Coconut Oil?

  1. Pick some fresh curry leaves, maybe 8-10. Wash them and put them aside.
  2. Heat 3-4 spoons of coconut oil (I use Patanjali’s) in a pan on medium flame.
  3. Add curry leaves to the oil, let the oil soak in the goodness of curry leaves for 3-4 minutes.
  4. As the leaves turn brown-black, switch off the heat and let the oil stay in the pan as such for some 5 minutes.
  5. Now massage this oil gently.

I didn’t even realize and the article became very long. Just wanted you to run through my journey where I tried everything ever mentioned to me but nothing worked. Finally a simple ingredient worked along with some diet addition. Please share this article as this may really help someone in need.



How To Reverse Female Pattern Baldness, Hair Thinning, Post Delivery Hair Fall & Hair Loss ?

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