Hair Care Regime to Regain Hair after Hair Thinning : Reader Query

I came across your blog yesterday. I am doing PhD (26 years old) and hence mostly under work stress and personal stress. I have been suffering form hairloss from years now. I tried every possible things. Doctors prescribed me Minidoxil which did not work well for me. I also read that it is not safe. Actually I do not understand why doctors says no to oil hair. That is really strange.

I have seen you have put lot of efforts for the blog. I have ordered MABH hair oil after reading good reviews across and also after seeing your beautiful hair. I had long hair (up til hips) in my chilhood and it was not very thick but of moderate thickness. I used to put 2 hair plaits while goin to school. But now I have hair remaining which used to form one plait on one side. I mean to say half of what I had. For some reason I had to cut my hair and it never reached that hair length.

I have ordered MABH hair oil today and I am eagerly waiting for it. Earlier I regularly oiled hair but now I do not do much. I tried many oils but none did wonders.

I am presently using Tresseme Hairfall control shampoo and conditioner. I am also using Trichup serum. I have gone across your blog and there is so much to read that I do not know finally what to follow.

Can you please tell a proper regime to be followed form the start with details. I am little confused. Most products are SLS and silicone based shampoo. Even Tressemme is one of them. Can you recommend me some really good products. I have oily scalp, frizzy type hair. I wonder how scalp is oily and strand frizzy.

I will list few things which I have planned to add to my hair care. They are..

1. Oil my hair at least once a week leaving it overnight
2. I have to take biotin tablets
3. Increase protein intake (egg, fish, paneer etc)

 reader query


Welcome to MABH Sangeeta! I’ve no clue why doctors say no to hair oil. This is the first time I am hearing that too. But I am sure about something; hair oils don’t do harm like minoxidil does. Good hair oils are actually boon to dry and damaged hair! They make it grow with proper use. However, bad hair oils can cause hair loss. You should avoid these ingredients in your hair oil – minoxidil, paraben, mineral oil, preservatives etc.

Coming to your hair loss issue, did you figure out the reason? Hair thinning and hair loss can occur due to several reasons such as malnutrition, improper hair routine, sun exposure and sometimes, hereditary. Once you find the reason, it will be easy to combat further hair loss and grow out your hair.

SLS & Paraben Free Products:

I am NOT into SLS, silicone and paraben based products as they do very bad things to my hair. So I always eye out for a natural alternative when it comes to hair care. I sometimes use my homemade hair wash powder (If I heavily oiled my hair the last night) or I simply go with crushed hibiscus leaves and flowers. I must admit that natural ingredients work best for the hair! I’ve gathered a list of SLS free shampoos and also shared my DIY hair wash recipe HERE. Do check them out.

Regime to follow:

There is no complicated thing when it comes to hair regime. If you ask me, I can suggest you few things that you can follow. As you mentioned you lost your hair thickness, I would suggest oiling your hair twice to thrice instead of once. Moisturized hair breaks less, falls less. Hence, you can gain back your original hair soon. Massage your hair & scalp with the MABH Hair Oil you just purchased, leave it overnight and rinse it off in the morning with a mild shampoo/or a diy cleanser. Totally avoid direct sun exposure on your scalp. The heat can weaken your hair roots! Have a protein rich diet (I usually eat 2-3 eggs and lots of chicken!) and sleep good every night.

You can always take biotin after you check with your physician. Key to thick and long hair is a healthy regime! You can refer my post where I explained how to use the MABH hair oil. I’ve listed out some useful tips regarding the usage and routine. Follow the ideas and get back to me! Have a good day.


Hair Care Regime to Regain Hair after Hair Thinning : Reader Query

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