Girl dumps boyfriend after he cruelly tells her she’s got ‘cellulite’ and that he ‘hates her stomach’

A WOMAN perfectly shamed a guy she was dating after he made cruel comments about her appearance.

Artist Katie Testa, from Florida, United States, has been praised online for her simple response to the insulting messages.

Katie begged Matt to tell her what was wrong… and he came out with this rude message

When Katie asked the guy she was seeing, Matt, what was making him unhappy, she never expected to get such a blunt response.

The rude text message read: “You have cellulite on your legs and stomach isn’t how I like.

“It’s bothered me since I’ve asked you out. I’m sorry, now I feel like an a**hole.”


Instead of taking the unfair comments to heart, Katie responded in spectacular fashion.

She said: “Good cuz you are. Night.”

The defiant Twitter user then posted a screenshot of the text exchange online alongside a bikini shot that shows off her enviable figure.

Her original upload has since been retweeted more than 49,000 times and has racked up 275,000 likes.

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Hundreds of people from across the globe have sent Katie their comments of support.

One Twitter user said: “So glad you told him bye, no one has time for guys who have a prob with anything normal on our bodies. BYEEEE.”

Another added: “WOOOOOOW, I can’t believe this is real.

“Talk about unreal beauty standards #boybye he is never gonna find anyone good enough. #unrealisticviews.”

Model takes down vile trolls by eating crisps

It’s not the first time people have used the internet to bring down body shamers.

By Sophie Roberts


Girl dumps boyfriend after he cruelly tells her she’s got ‘cellulite’ and that he ‘hates her stomach’

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