Curvy blogger reveals she reduced her cellulite by drinking ‘more water, less wine’

A health blogger has revealed how she reduced her cellulite by drinking less wine and more water.

Veronia Leea who is based in Madrid, Spain, took to her Instagram page to share two contrasting side-by-side bikini shots, which highlight how her cellulite has reduced significantly in less than one year.

In the picture on the left, taken in June 2017, the 23-year-old appears to have cellulite on her bum and upper thighs. But in the snap the right, taken in March 2018, she looks almost unrecognizable for how smooth her skin is.

Transformation: Health blogger Veronica Leea, 23, has revealed how she reduced her cellulite by drinking less wine and more water, pictured left in June 2017 and right in March 2018

Changes: The fitness enthusiast, who is based in Madrid, Spain, detailed that she also started doing more weights and less cardio and started eating more protein to reduce her cellulite 

Honest: Although Veronica is happy with her appearance, she explained that she doesn’t think there is anything wrong with cellulite

‘In our society, cellulite has always been seen as something ugly. I used to be so self-conscious about it, whenever I had to show my legs. When I posted the picture on the left last year – I realized that it’s absolutely nothing to be ashamed of,’ she explained in the accompanying caption. 

‘I never really tried to get rid of it. When my friend took a picture of me I was quite surprised how much it has disappeared,’ she added.

Veronica ,who weighs around 154lbs. (70 kilograms),  then listed the three things she has done to eradicate the uneven fat deposits from her lower body.

She said that she has been drinking more water and less wine, doing more weights and less cardio, and also eating more protein.

However, she also insisted that she wasn’t trying to demonize cellulite.

Growing up: Veronica started her fitness journey aged 19 (left) when she weighed 68 kilograms (150 pounds) and has since transformed her shape and weighs 70 kilograms (154 pounds)

Keeping it real: Veronica likes to discuss body positivity on her Instagram page and frequently posts pictures of her body in posed and ‘real’ positions to highlight camera trickery

‘All in all, I believe we should embrace more our bodies: cellulite, stretch marks, scars and birth marks. These “imperfections” are what make us unique, different, special and who we are,’ she added.

On her blog, Veronica also shared that she was classified as obsese by doctors at just 10 years old, and was told she needed to lose weight to prevent any health issues.

While dancing kept her fit throughout her childhood, Veronica lost a substantial amount of weight when she embarked on the Kayla Itsines BBG program aged 19. 

‘I saw incredible results and lost a lot of weight. I felt like I was a part of a community and it really motivated me,’ she explained on her blog. 

Comfortable in her own skin: She is now a big fan of weightlifting and wants to share her knowledge with other women so they don’t think they have to resort to starving themselves

Acceptance: She had also highlighted on her page that she accepts her body for how it is and wants to encourage others to embrace their ‘uniqueness’ 

However, she still ‘wasn’t happy’ and it was only when she discovered a passion for weightlifting that she truly started to feel comfortable in her own skin. 

‘I have been lifting weights for a year now and have seen the best results for myself! In the process I learned how to love myself and feel good no matter what size or weight I was,’ she added. 

She is now hoping to show young girls that they don’t have to starve themselves to look a certain way, and on her Instagram page posts frank ‘real’ and ‘fake’ images to show how posing a certain way can create the illusion of a flawless body. 

‘Some things can’t be changed so it’s important that we all accept how our bodies are. Instead of wishing we looked like someone else let’s focus on our best qualities. Let’s embrace our uniqueness and forget about the beauty standards,’ she captioned one of those shots.


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