Causes of Hair Loss in Women and Prevention Tips

Massive hair loss is a common condition that happens in the case of women as well, contrary to the popular belief that this affects only men. The causes that determine hair loss in women are multiple, but there are several medical conditions that are generally associated with this affliction amongst women. However, there are numerous ways to prevent massive hair loss, and that what I’m going to dicuss in this blog post.

Causes of hair loss in women

One of the main causes that determine the hair loss in women refers to the family history, more exactly, to the occurance of a hereditary condition that causes hair loss in close family members, such as parents. This can create permanent hair loss and there are no prevention methods that provide relevant results. However, women that deal with this particular situation may always request the services of a hair transplant clinic, where they can benefit from professional advice that can restore the beauty of the hair.

Medication and various supplements can also determine hair loss, such as the medicine used for other medical conditions (for high blood pressure, heart diseases and others) and these may have only temporary effect on the scalp.

In the case of women, the level of stress can also induce hair loss. If the person experienced a traumatic event, including child birth, the hair quality can be affected. It is also important to know that excessive hairstyling and hair treatments can damage your hair and thus, it is advisable to reduce these habits if you observe losing hair at a faster pace than the usual.

How to prevent hair loss in women

Certain home remedies have proven to have a strong impact when dealing with hair loss. For example, the intake of Vitamin B is very useful in this case, as well as using sulfate-free shampoo. Although it isn’t very clear from a scientific point of view, several studies have shown that using oils especially created for the needs of a healthy scalp, such a jojoba oil, coconut oil or grapeseed oil can reduce hair loss in women. A similar home remedy is given by using green tea during washing.

It is also known that using Aloe Vera on your hair can keep it healthy, but there are numerous types of hair masks that can be useful in this case, for example, those based on Avocado or eggs.

Still, if the person tried various prevention tips and after a period of time, little results were observed, it means that the hair loss is determined by a more complicated medical problem, which may not restore the previous hair quality. In this case, the most suitable option is to contact a hair transplant clinic and discuss the options that can provide the best results. Persons dealing with hair loss may address to hair transplant clinics in Turkey, a country that provides the most competitive prices at a global level and top hair transplant services and techniques.


Causes of Hair Loss in Women and Prevention Tips

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