Back pain eased with chiropractic

Back pain? This easy drug-free treatment works!

The mainstream spent YEARS attacking chiropractic.

Not long ago, the American Medical Association called it a “cult” and forbid its doctors from even mentioning it to their patients!

That ended with a landmark lawsuit, but the mainstream still attacks it at every turn.

Now, new research shows the ugly truth behind why the “health authorities” hate it even today… and why most mainstream doctors still won’t recommend it.


That makes spinal manipulation a direct threat to their bottom line.

That was the problem from the beginning… and still is today, as the study finds that these simple back-cracking treatments can work wonders for patients struggling with pain.

And they can work in some of the very people who need help the most.

This new study didn’t just look at any old form of back pain. It looked at active-duty U.S. servicemen and women, who have some of the most demanding jobs around.

I treat folks from Naval Base San Diego, so I can tell you that it’s back-breaking work in every sense.

After just six weeks of chiropractic treatments, the folks in the study were feeling much better than the ones who didn’t get the spinal manipulations.

Twelve weeks later, they were still in better shape.

They had lower scores on pain scales AND less disability — all thanks to this hands-on, drug-free treatment.

If there’s a downside to the study, it’s that these folks all got their regular mainstream treatments as well.

If they were taking pain pills, they continued to take them even as they received chiropractic care.

That’s a shame, because other studies show how this treatment can work in place of drugs, not along with them.

You can get better results if you combine it with other treatments, but that still doesn’t mean you need pain pills.

Combined with massage therapy and/or acupuncture, chiropractic can help some of the most stubborn cases of back pain – including upper and lower back pain — and neck and shoulder issues, and it can reduce or eliminate your need for pain pills.

This isn’t your only option, by the way.

For even more relief, combine osteopathic or chiropractic spinal manipulation with topical MSM and natural anti-inflammatories including fish oil and curcumin.

And never underestimate the power of some of the simplest at-home “treatments” of all, including a heating pad.


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