5 Ways To Prevent Hair Loss In Early Stages – Everything You Need To Know

Why Hair Loss Happens

Hair loss is one of the most common problems of today’s life. Men, Women as well as children all are equally affected by hair loss. It is a benign medical condition but is responsible for great psycho-emotional stress which leads to a reduction of quality of life especially in the teenage and in the twenties. Some patients can not tolerate the burden of hair loss and go into depression.

There are various causes affecting hair growth and so as hair fall. Main reasons are –

1. Effect of Stress on Hair Loss

Change in a lifestyle of modern men leading to increase in stress pattern of the person of all age and sex. Stress can be because of any reason like earn for a family so as to give acceptable living standard may be one of the factors for the stress of men, Similarly to get good marks in the exam and to face peer pressure in school is the main cause of stress in children.
For a modern female life becomes multitasking, she has to look after family, kids and also for her job. These all increase the stress level to great extent. A release of substance P is the mechanism behind an increase in hair fall, it converts hair into premature telogen face-Telogen effluvium and increases the hair fall.

2. Hormonal

This is the well-known cause of hair fall since ancient time. We all know that men suffer hair loss in a typical pattern but female pattern of hair loss is totally different and not as severe as n majority of men. The reason for male pattern hair loss is a hormone DHT ie dihydrotestosterone. This is formed by the action of 5 alpha-reductase on the male hormone testosterone. This hormone acts on the receptors present on the hair and causes miniaturization of the hair follicle. In the male the frontal and mid scalp part of the scalp is mainly affected by the baldness, the reason is occipital part of the scalp hair does not have the receptors for the hormone DHT.

In female also this hormone is responsible for hair loss especially when female counterpart of the hormone ie estrogen and progesterone reduced. For example in Menopausal age. Other hormonal disturbances are also related to hair loss, such as Thyroid hormone deficiency, PCOD etc.

3. Genetic

Genes may show their effects in the next generations.

Prevention of Hair Loss at an Early Stage

Best way to treat any disease is its Prevention, As it is rightly said ‘Prevention is better than cure”.

To prevent hair loss in early stages we should focus on our lifestyle and eating habits. If we feel that we are living a healthy life and taking sufficient nutrition, even than hair fall is a problem for us then find the cause of hair loss by consulting with the doctor.

You Should Consult a Doctor

Preferably hair specialist either a hair restoration physician or a trichologist. There are many diseases which cause hair loss. If you treat them as advised by your doctor it will help you to prevent hair fall.

  • Hormonal imbalance as described earlier.
  • Any acute illness of duration more than 4 to 7 days like Viral fever, Typhoid, jaundice or any other febrile illness causes Telogen effluvium. This is totally reversible with the food supplements and high protein diet.
  • After 2-3 months of childbirth. Nutritional requirement of the mother increases suddenly due to breastfeeding a baby and if intake is not good enough to fulfil the requirement then it may cause severe hair fall.
  • Chronic illness like after Chemotherapy and Radiotherapy hair goes into Anagen effluvium, this is also reversible if proper care is taken.
  • Any other nonspecific causes

Get Good Diet by Intake of Vitamins and Protein

Every machinery needs fuel, the same way body needs nutrition for functioning in the right way. If the nutritional intake is poor Hair will not get the nutrition and they become weak, thin and fragile. In already compromised condition if further stimulus is given in the form of stress or disease they convert into telogen and hair fall starts suddenly. If your intake of vitamins and protein is good they can sustain initial phase of insult to some extent.

Vitamin B12 and Vitamin C are the main vitamins for hair. Vitamin D is also deficient in 95% of the population. Iron deficiency is very common in Indian females and is responsible for hair fall in most of the women along with other vitamins. Protein is the building block of the body, same role they play for hair also. So you should take protein rich diet like pulses, sprouted, milk products, fish, and egg.

Lifestyle Changes

Life modification is must for good health and good hair. Take proper sleep, keep yourself away from mobile phones before sleeping and during meals, exercise daily. These activities increase endorphin level in the body which keeps you happy and healthy.

Quit Smoking

Smoking increases the carbon monoxide level in the blood which is a dangerous toxin which leads to damage to the cells of our body. Also, smoking affects blood circulation in the body as well as scalp so hair can not get nutrition and premature falling starts they become brittle and grey. Vitamin B and C level of smokers also reduced, antioxidants also can not work in smokers, these all factors leads to hair fall. These type of hair fall is irreversible.

FDA Approved Treatment

– Minoxidil 5% when applied locally improve blood circulation of the scalp and helps to promote hair growth. This is the effective treatment for both male and female and can be applied in early stages of hair loss. Its effect comes in 3-4 months and lasts as long as you are applying it.

Finasteride 1 mg is the treatment for male pattern hair loss. It prevents the conversion of Testosterone into DHT and thus prevents miniaturization of the hair follicle in a genetically predisposed person prone to lose hair because of hormonal effects.


Although hair loss is the benign problem its psychosocial impact is so much that the mental stress caused by this is as much as any other life-threatening condition so it is better to take early steps to know the causes of hair loss and take preventive measures to control this, If treatment is taken at proper time results are very good and hair transplant surgery can be avoided.

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5 Ways To Prevent Hair Loss In Early Stages – Everything You Need To Know

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