30 Days Of Power Yoga For Weight Loss Program: Beginner to Advanced Yoga Program for Weight Loss, Flexibility and Strength Guide

Power Yoga For Weight Loss

30 Days Of Power Yoga For Weight Loss Program: Beginner to Advanced Yoga Program for Weight Loss, Flexibility and Strength Guide

Women often wonder, “can I lose weight with yoga?” The answer to this is yes, yoga can help to some degree in toning your muscles and in losing extra fat. Power yoga is an entirely different matter, though. Power Yoga for weight loss is effective as it’s considered a type of cardiovascular workout.

Power Yoga is a Vinsaya practice and a derivative of the Ashtanga Yoga, which offers similar benefits. The fitness-based workout increases your body heat and stamina at the same time. Practitioners can look forward to having their stress melt away while toning their muscles. Plus, you become more flexible and stronger the more you practice.

Believe it or not, Power Yoga can help you lose weight and become fitter, and for this very reason more women prefer this type of yoga than the traditional one. You’ll sweat, feel the day’s stress melt away and enjoy a more vigorous workout in the process.

Power Yoga Benefits

There are many ways how you can benefit from practicing Power Yoga. Here are just a few examples:

– Your mind becomes more focused

– Physical relaxation and stress relief

– You get a faster rate of metabolism

– Your body becomes more toned and you become stronger, more flexible and have increased stamina

– Each workout burns a significant amount of calories

– Less-used muscled get exercised and toned as well

It’s worthy to note that Power Yoga isn’t for everyone. Primarily, it helps women lose weight as it’s more of a cardio workout than a healing or relaxing one. So, if you’re looking to get holistic healing and becoming free from pain, then it’s best to choose a different yoga stream. Avoid Power Yoga if you have the following conditions:

– Are pregnant

– Just had surgery recently

– Are suffering from a debilitating condition

– Recuperating from a serious physical injury

The Difference Between Cardio and Power Yoga

An hour-long cardio workout will burn more calories than a Power Yoga session. But Power Yoga has somewhat of an advantage in that it feeds your muscles. Practicing this stream of yoga streamlines your physique and strengthens your core muscles. One key element of successful weight loss is the building of lean muscles, which indicates that your metabolism is picking up pace. The faster your metabolism rate the more calories you burn, which equals fat loss.

A straight-up cardio workout does burn the calories, but your muscles become depleted. What’s more, calories burned doesn’t necessarily mean fat loss. A combination of Power Yoga and cardio workout is your best bet if you want a long term weight loss regimen.

The Ideal Weight Loss Plan

It’s easy to incorporate 2 or 3 Power Yoga sessions alongside your regular cardio workouts every week. Each practice complements the other- Power Yoga strengthens the muscles so you can lift weights better, and cardio prepares your body for the more difficult yoga moves. In short, cardio and Power Yoga make for an excellent weight loss program.

If you’re an athlete or a powerlifter, then Power Yoga can stretch your muscles and limber them up, which makes for a great pre-routine session. You get more flexible and added lean muscles.

There’s no doubt that yoga can benefit you in more ways than one. Try out Power Yoga today and see how it can help you with your weight loss plan. For the best results, combine Power Yoga with your usual cardio workouts to burn fat and acquire a fitter physique!

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